My website production experience

because there is no independent or team to develop a more formal website experience in the development of my travel website I love this can be said to be "stones", a lot of things are learning by doing, in the actual production found in the original formulation of the plan is not reasonable, not the wrong plan to modify. Of course, I also learned a lot in the production of this website.

During the mid term inspection of

, Mr. Lai raised objections to our use of the frame, and felt that the scroll bar was not conducive to the appearance and required modification. I think there are three kinds of modification method was: 1. all made navigation files using ASP link file, the navigation links to the corresponding position; 2. modify the relevant code, beautify the border; 3. do not use frames, each page is full page. Because I have always opposed the change of a static web page into ASP, and if I do that for navigation, I don’t think it’s necessary, so I exclude the first one, but the code of the beautification box has not been found. In the end, I chose the third simplest looking solution, which made the late changes of the website very complicated. read more

Would you like to vote for China grassroots webmaster

would like to talk to you today about the difficulties Chinese webmasters are facing and looking for new breakthroughs. I am also a small webmaster. Useful words in the text of the place, please ask the old webmaster advice.

I believe that most webmasters are concerned about the latest e-commerce law and the 2010 China e-commerce policy interpretation and prediction research report. No, I can go to to see

in order to regulate the Internet information services, promote the healthy and orderly development of Internet information services, according to the State Council Order No. 292nd "Internet information services management approach" and the Ministry of information industry order No. thirty-third of the "non operating Internet information service record management measures" provisions of national licensing system for the management of Internet information services, the non operating Internet the information service registration system. Those who do not obtain permission or fail to fulfill the formalities for archival filing shall not engage in Internet information services, otherwise they are illegal. read more

The life philosophy of Chinese chess and the management of its website

– beyond the world, the two species in the account as you sit, millions of lion dash, since I stand, qianyifaerdongquanshen. Pointing Jiangshan, a certain military aircraft, nrk. You do have this style? Website operators such as chess, not others, adhere to their own certain goals, adhere to their own way, not in without hesitation and wandering in wasted a lot of chances, but sometimes only a trick to defeat the enemy.

– use wisdom to walk the world, Chicco chip, and no adverse to. A set of natural, and as a whole, chest Luo Vientiane, his country, in the battlefield, not. The ancient "and" one said, the enterprise will not taboo is war phase. As the saying goes, "three stooges, one Zhu Geliang!"." While operating the website, you can experience the feeling of the members of the website and ask for feedback and feedback from your users. Maybe they are your brains. When is the time of day, location is a prerequisite for the site, and is a member of the group and website with thinking and model including the national policy and the search engine "reasonable, do get along" Station Road "is with" tao. read more

Share the promotion strategy of Jilin Guangjia lifting platform

I do is Jilin Guangjia lifting platform many friends might seem strange to lift platform, similar to the lifting tool price is very expensive, especially in the network marketing trust is very worthy of our concern, how to let the customer trust, how to solve the problem about the customer, how to do the promotion of lifting platform is a very troublesome problem, I give you here by my promotion plan introduced, for reference only.

1, the initial construction of the site

site early construction scheme is to select keywords I query Baidu index, then do not select the lifting platform of a big word can first choose XX lifting platform such words as the home page TITLE, updated every 5 papers containing products 2, two pieces of news, articles are original, the original product actually not so difficult and you just need to use their own language to describe the product can be a good. It is noteworthy here, do not just send a product, each product will be illustrated, showing his authority to allow customers to purchase intention is very strong, such as "professional’s authority", "long" 10 years XX marketing lifting platform for this kind of words can give a person with great confidence the phone number, to call on the picture that other companies were collected timely pictures of your products he also no way. Accumulate over a long period until the collection intact, must adhere to every day. This job is enough for 30 minutes a day, read more

Thoughts triggered by web change programs

has been changing programs for a while, and the traffic has been slowly recovering. But a little bit makes me feel very depressed. A few days ago, the site included in the Baidu is very normal, these days I collected from Baidu query gradually found, the site’s overall included in slowly reduced. Faced with this problem, I thought for a long time. There can be only one reason for thinking:

a few days ago (about a month and a half ago) because the original program can not adapt to the development of the station, so to find a master to help change the site procedures, the use of the DEDE operating system now. At that time, in order not to affect the traffic, all the static pages of the old website were placed in the present space. One purpose is to not affect the site traffic, not to let the old customers lost. But since the original program was written in ASP, it’s written in PHP. These two can’t run on the same server at the same time, so all the static pages on the old site are not ideal when they are opened. It can be said that people look a little disgusted. read more

The website must have core values honesty is the growth ladder

more and more want to rely on his own cleverness in the Internet industry to dig a bit of gold left, such as operating some of the rubbish site, through the optimization of cheating way to enhance the website ranking, for example. A few years ago the popular L-carnitine and slimming products list, now these spam sites have ceased to exist, because these sites do not have integrity in order to achieve the dream, China apparently cannot do without core values, and integrity is the focus of this core value, a website without honesty is not the soul, nature is very difficult to succeed. read more

Current trends in forums to see future developments

summer is finally going to be over, seemingly webmaster party are finished, so now to talk about the meeting summary, purely personal point of view, not love can also throw tomatoes, don’t slobber it!

recently in the Ali Mama webmaster general assembly, listened to an overview of the development of several webmaster’s "big brother" figure on the Internet, found that if WEB2.0 has now than remote, because SNS has become the theme, but also began to alienate the WEB2.0 SNS. read more

How local sites quickly make money 1

this section of the course called "rescue field" is actually a fill in, support, please everybody take care of!!!


last time that was about the "local site how to make money fast" initial article – simply speaking, is an overview or summary of

this course focuses on the preparation of the site’s operations, with the aim of sharing experiences with the following 27149 complete experiences,

expounded limited ability, but also ask you to forgive me:)

preliminary preparation, refinement, read more

Enterprise operation will get rid of lose money status

electricity supplier in the growing today, small and medium-sized enterprises in traditional industries education industry gradually to extend business, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises into this platform, it is no exaggeration to say that the Internet has created tens of thousands of people dream of wealth, at the same time, also makes a lot of enterprises are facing the collapse of the Internet, the era of electricity providers, has not had the low the high cost of return time, what are talking about money, no ads, no publicity, no promotion, just like a needle in the ocean, and how to find customers can not find. Bidding, train, Amoy, portal advertising, all kinds of ways to make a large number of advertisers increasingly can not afford the money for, click volume is not. The situation of "quick money burning" and "loss making" has formed the biggest "unspoken rule" in the magical and colorful industry of e-commerce". read more

After the website is done do not change to website too big

actually I have failed as a webmaster, by the end of 05 was formally to a station, it was a friend’s relatives was just on the maintenance of website, website is very interested in, basically no technology, no own website. Until the end of 05 in order to officially do a decent site, in fact, also know the basic knowledge of site, SEO these do not understand. 06 years to have an own small website, because the company is in the maintenance of tourism website, so at that time on this little, do an outdoor site, but for two months, did not give up traffic. Then did another travel website, but rarely updated, IP only about 300, and later was bought by a friend, sold more than 5000, is considered the first income. read more

Enhance real click promote rank rush

Baidu algorithm constantly updated, the number of the chain is now not the best factor in determining the ranking of the site, but the user real click. Some time ago Baidu Baidu intimate search, I think we all know why Baidu should the Baidu intimate search, Baidu’s goal is to create a better user experience, even Baidu have to start from the user, so as a webmaster can you do? Do you want to get the ranking by piling up do I want to junk the chain, which has the possibility is very low. Therefore, the emergence of Baidu intimate search, we should proceed from the user’s point of view to build a site. read more

Jiangsu 23 years trading 400 billion service station network alliance business

Industrial and Commercial Bureau yesterday issued the "Jiangsu white paper" Electronic Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper"), for the first time on the Jiangsu electronic commerce enterprise "Da qidi". The white paper shows that with the help of e-commerce, the traditional industries in Jiangsu are speeding up the transformation and upgrading. At the same time, the service sector accelerated and e-commerce "marriage" has become a new growth point for the development of electricity supplier. read more

How to join the whole record

Take this dish have a unique variety of

Hot pot in recent years in the catering sector is a mix of wind, today Xiaobian to recommend this one to take food to join the project is written to take food, take food out of a whole note has attracted attention of the special taste, chowhound, people remember. This taste, naturally remember this brand. The franchisee, all take food production and sale has simple technology and standardized operation, low cost, low risk, but also by the general investors, especially small investors and entrepreneurs of all ages! How to join down to take food? Here we give you a specific analysis. read more

Building platform credibility is the first step from the media age

recently as the word from the media is very hot, I saw a data from the Internet, Sina micro-blog reached 536 million people in 2013 registration of the data, of course there may be a number of people of the phenomenon, but also shows that micro-blog this important way since the media is very hot. Sina micro-blog said it has been in development for several years, the rapid rise has become mature, users brush micro-blog’s appeal to sum up, in fact, reflect more and more concentrated in the following aspects: that is the negative impact of social public events accountability "and" daily or specific events the emotional catharsis "and" protection of vulnerable groups, engaged in "micro public welfare activities". Micro-blog also greatly meet the aspirations of Internet users in the process, has accumulated valuable micro power". read more

Backed by Ali the social electricity supplier micro blog marriage door in the end how

micro-blog Ali acquired eighteen percent of the shares, we must all know the news. For Ali always wanted to stay in the social business, adding to a certain extent improve its own electricity supplier sector layout Sina micro-blog, and Sina have been intended to be realized, their precious flow so that they seem to win. But is that really the case?. I think any electricity supplier should think about this question.

to talk about Sina micro-blog, after 2011 in the limelight after Sina micro-blog seems to deviate from the development in its own way, too quick for micro-blog’s content quality declined sharply, in addition, for everyone Sina this product innovation is not high also gradually lost patience. The strong impact of the two factors led to the prosperity of sina and micro-blog, but the inside has long been fraught with danger. Look at the user viscosity gradually decreased and the flow rate of the sharp decline, Sina executives apparently than anyone worried, seeing once the most perfect cake is not cash, the heart certainly very worried. So Ali shares at this time for temporarily unable to find rescue method executives suddenly see the hope that cooperation between the two sides hit it off, so the logical executives also got the cash. Perhaps this is the focus of the money effect of the development strategy, so that micro-blog is now becoming more electricity supplier accessories, completely become a tool in the hands of others. read more

Advertising is the distinction between high Adsense of what see

any site and blog, just put on advertising, want as much as possible to increase revenue. Even if the same topic is the webmaster have said thousands of times, though I passed Google Adsense non income is very low, before going to receive the second check of Google (from the first to receive a check, just over two months), I want to share my experience here. Because I personally just put the Google advertising relationship, this blog only use Google Adsense as an example.

Donnie Yen in the "IP MAN 2" which said: "people have different personality, not humble". On the contrary, the Google Adsense ad code are almost the same, but the actual application are as different as heaven and hell. When it comes to advertising is high or low, I’m not talking about the advertising click price, but said that a good advertisement only, are most willing to go by, the value will be displayed. I will discuss the Google advertising settings in the following aspects. read more

A little advice for new people and new owners

first: select space

case: a few years ago, I do stand, was fooled by space providers, and the results in the first half and the second half of second years were managed to flicker. (who is it? I won’t mention him. He used to be an outdated moderator.)

so it is recommended to listen to the former (experienced webmaster) suggestions, do not use space, cheap, generally no good goods. But there is no absolute, if you hit a IDC business in activities, on the contrary: cheap get good goods, such a situation is basically less, I hope not greedy. read more

Analysis of the reasons for the increase of Baidu collection and the decrease of Google collection

experienced the update in June 5th, Baidu more than a collection of 200 pages, Google also included more than 100 pages. But in the past few days, found the problem, found that the site GOOGLE is not normal, every day in the reduced search, there is no online collection, such as mass, keyword cheating, your server is stable, GOOGLE also has several hundred pages every day, without any problem.

later after many reasons to find that Baidu and Google’s algorithm system is different, so this phenomenon is very normal. read more

An inexperienced Webmaster Help

inadvertently. It’s been another long year. At this point the mood is very contradictory, do not know how to express. Writing this article is to get the webmaster friends help, did not see before thanks in advance.

in March 27th, what he did couldn’t see the way ahead. He knew nothing of the dead end or anything else. Some want to retreat, but retreat but also nowhere to find (because work is not easy to find). Retreat will also be laughed at by most people, the pressure is really big. Even though I like what I do. But everything should proceed from reality, and if the food is not eaten, can such a realistic thing be considered? When I came to this industry with confidence, I was disheartened today. read more