When online shopping is no longer free Shanghai dragon China decide on what path to follow

however, in the global economy has become the trend of stagflation, domestic business tax gradually high now, facing the China Shanghai dragon industry challenge is also more serious. "Very early I said, too many people realize that we actually is not good, because it will increase the difficulty to seize the keyword ranking, will lead to the rise and fall of the value of our work work. Once the economic difficulties, help Shanghai Longfeng enterprises would not be less, they can be out of the price but only a few are not many." Poly sea technology senior network promoters Lin Jiawei said. > read more

The Shanghai Dragon


many webmaster or in the station optimization. However, code optimization is a temporary thing, once after will no longer need to do optimization every day. As the core of the optimization in the station or on the content of the site. Before I heard the love of Shanghai’s original spark program is not only directly refers to the content of the website, including website program itself. That is to say, if your website is same with others of the template, so Sorry, you have lost in the starting line, no matter how hard it is difficult to bear fruit. read more

Forwards the immediate Shanghai love several Shanghai dragon changes

2, use the advanced search commands frequent mistakes. Before the advanced search command support can also love Shanghai, combination of command can bring a lot of convenience to the webmaster. Now the situation is a lot of advanced search commands can query a data page, page is wrong, for example, the most commonly used " command; inurl:".

1, included the number gradually blurred. Whether it is love in Shanghai in order to promote the love of Shanghai, or other purposes, we found love Shanghai included becomes very inaccurate. After a lot of hidden data, page crawling included the release cycle was lengthened, no relatively accurate data collection for the webmaster, the effect as can be imagined. read more

Don’t let love Shanghai treat weight weight lost my eyes carefully

a site has good rankings and flow is worth Adsense happy things, but we can not only see this point, there are a lot of brush keyword ranking tool is very powerful, it only takes a few days to your website ranking to rise to the home page, so your site weight will go up. But you will not find the website snapshot update, but when love Shanghai update your website ranking and traffic will be lost, so webmaster friends must not be a ranking of flow and lost my eyes, a website not only depends on the ranking and traffic, more time should also be included in the snapshot from the website. read more

Keywords Secret A5 marketing count the outsourcing issue


the final result is that enterprises spend money ranking is there, but the site did not flow, or very low, but the outsourcing company will stay, because even if the contract is signed, these words to the home page only, and not promise much traffic.

according to different keywords the difficulty of these service providers to provide the quotation, but when you really choose the optimal, often tend to be biased for various reasons, such as: your keywords take months to show results, key words long tail word optimization is more accurate, the user is more efficient, faster. read more

How to improve the conversion rate the Shanghai dragon and media combination

from the media mainly include: blog, micro-blog, QQ, WeChat, Post Bar, video space. I in August 2008, Alibaba opened a blog, more than 6 years of unremittingly writing, has accumulated nearly 1000 original articles, the total traffic 7 million 470 thousand. It can be said that as early as 6 years ago, I was a blog from the media.

why? Because from the media, you have the original text. Potential customers through the keyword search, enter your self media platform, they repeatedly read your text, they will have a great sense of trust to trust you, once established, the conversion rate will be very high. If I only have an independent website, only the independent website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, not from the media, I could never get such results today. read more

The interpretation of the needs of visitors is to cater to the basic search engine

site 1, what we lack, if you introduce the chain flow rate is low, so it is necessary to strengthen the expansion of the chain, and in the extended time we should pay attention to a key problem, that is the release of the correlation of the chain, so that it may be better to attract traffic.

since we have what is the power source of the development of the site’s ranking question? Or profit? In my opinion these are not, the answer is visitors, we can consider the birth of objective of the site is why, what is the site and continue to thrive, the all of this is from visitors. A site to get visitors Everfount support then you must interpret the visitor’s behavior, we are going to talk about how to interpret the needs of visitors. read more

The user experience of working in the Shanghai dragon core idea

What is the core idea of ?

two, what is the most simple and effective work of Shanghai Longfeng direct

simple direct Shanghai Longfeng work, the primary goal is to increase the site in the search engine exposure, the most common way is the keyword ranking. So we do not necessarily want to solve web exposure through high quality external promotion, first of all to do keyword ranking is the most direct way. But the premise of this way is to respect the user experience of the website itself, a certain quality of the content and structure. read more

To optimize the details of nternet rumors that Shanghai Dragon

second, due to the recent love Shanghai adjustment, increase and improve the content and requirements, and this makes the part of Shanghai dragon Er into thinking: since love Shanghai attaches importance to content, then we do search engine optimization will be to focus only on the content? So, the crazy journey content construction opened, as everyone knows, it will cause very bad results, that is: for the construction content and construction content, let everything become devoid of substance, do not matter! The consequences will be grievous, everyone should be self-evident? read more

What is the difference between white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

common black hat Shanghai dragon techniques page Jump, spam links (containing spam links, is to enhance the rapid keyword search engine rankings, published in various forums, blogs, and topics not related links, and automatically generate or collect to the web page link), hidden web page, the bridge (bridge is usually made by the software automatically generates a large number of words ", and then from these pages do automatically turn to the home page, keyword stuffing and so on).

from the occupation moral point of view, there is no doubt that the black hat Shanghai dragon is a not worthy of promotion or even a disgustful, everyone shouting Shanghai Longfeng practices, we should advocate the white hat Shanghai Longfeng, do website of Shanghai Longfeng, maintaining the industry’s rationality and fairness. After all, there is no one love that kind of taste: adhere to their own fair do white hat Shanghai dragon, hard to give, but it is the black hat Shanghai dragon ranking position occupied by an easy job to do. And the white hat Shanghai dragon is bait, long-term interests, to an enterprise, a website is almost good, while the black hat Shanghai dragon looks radical interests, the current practices, is likely to bring disastrous consequences – K station, ranking among all night all disappeared, all the way to zero. read more

Three kinds of commonly used web site search engine ranking algorithm

3.PageRank algorithm: PR algorithm, I believe we are very familiar with, also is the chain.

1. frequency position Weighted Sorting Algorithm: as the name suggests is that from the entire site on the position of the text and the number of sorting, first look at the location of the site keywords in different content and appears in the title when the difference is very large, the search engines that can show the title of a web site is dry what, if the title which appeared far more important keywords keywords more than the inside. This is now we all know the title of a web site is very important is derived from this algorithm. The number again appeared, one word at a website or a page in the number shows its stronger correlation, this statement is a method of automatic indexing Luhn first put forward, is that everyone is the keyword density in the surface evolution algorithm. The limitation of frequency position weighted sorting algorithm is only pay attention to the words in the performance of the site and go to a website ranking, this algorithm is the first search engine is mainly used, when the title on the site in Webmaster content in what Keywords even picture ALT hard making up words, the more the better ranking stack. read more

The website calls random products make the snapshot update everyday

website, the effect is very good, every day to update the site snapshot, the search engine spiders are also very frequent. The daily amount included up to more than 3000.

so the article and product update quantity is limited, the use of random article reasonable and random products is very necessary. Especially the enterprise website products generally do not regularly update, update the article is also one day two or three bottles under the condition necessary to call the random articles and products, save the page substantially updated, let > read more

The standard for the exchange of Links nine

1. Shanghai dragon or sex Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the first to have website snapshot, whether website snapshot or slow snapshot, but the first is certainly the website should have been included in the website snapshot, if, when a few days ago to find a friend chain found that the site has been PR3,4, but love Shanghai is included for 0 or 1, is only a bare home, this station even higher PR, love Shanghai punished, we exchanged only incriminate himself, but many novice webmaster do not understand, others see the PR high, also very good talk, ask for, not knowing it is digging a hole you jump ah. The site is included is the first principle of exchange chain, a snapshot of the speed problem, although the official reason is love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot does not affect the site’s ranking, but after 6.28 big love Shanghai K station, many website snapshot is stuck at this time. Even many websites are not even the love of Shanghai. So long as the snapshot within a week, basically can be changed. read more

Xiao Wu on the optimization of independent blog

two, link quality

above two blocks on the general people understand, but how many people can persist? Xiao Wu insisted more than a month of the original, more than a month.

Independent blog

link is divided into inside and outside the chain chain, inside of the chain is the main blog links in the article, to reflect and some related articles, reading and other aspects were recommended. The link with the two general Xiao Wu anchor text in an article, is not recommended with too much. Those who ask relevant article recommended, generally can be accomplished by calling or some optimization plugin. Such as the WordPress plug-in a lot, very perfect, Xiao Wu’s blog is the use of WordPress built. read more

Wuhan Shanghai Dragon love Shanghai final grave is the love of Shanghai

In this paper, the author

belongs to the Wuhan Shanghai dragon Zhou Kaihua’s personal point of view, you please don’t take it personally:

In turn, we see

love Shanghai, according to our webmaster should know, keywords Shanghai dragon of a website, as long as the love of Shanghai products in their head, are hardly over, this is really in doubt, the author optimized the key words many websites, are so simple for example: for example, a simple moncler down jacket, the word. The optimization of the word requires only a month time basically, and the phenomenon of following up, looked at the head of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, because love is awful, the Shanghai encyclopedia in the above, is not the moncler jacket encyclopedia. The moncler encyclopedia, and down encyclopedia, a little above words, there are actually two love Shanghai encyclopedia, occupy two, the other two is actually the love of Shanghai know, and a website for five or six years in the home, out of four. read more

What is the difference between love and Shanghai Google optimization

first, Shanghai dragon is good or bad, is mainly in the following aspects:


now I have seven main factors to talk about love in Shanghai and Google optimization difference.

space, server steady, open speed fast, how the quality with IP of other sites……


, domain name 7 basic attributes, whether the record, or (COM, CN, org, net…… ), the length of the domain name registration, where……

, relatively speaking, the degree of attention to the seven main factors above, love Shanghai should be this row: 3, 2, 1, 5, 4, 6, 7 and Google is the most valued is 4, 1, 2, 6, 3, 5, 7. (a little reason for this row is my summary of the station to draw their own situation and conclusion, there will not have the opportunity to explain to you that read more

Eoe founder how to build 2 million users of the developer community he moved to online educationAdv

sh419 because of the publication of false medical rankings advertising, was CCTV exposure, which makes a lot of hatred and contempt of sh419’s people are very excited, God is still a long time, CCTV is authoritative. sh419 was exposed, let me think of a lot of advertising union problems, the next exposure is not the advertising alliance,

I decided to self-study, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has a twenty-four hours open room, every Thursday night, I will be in the room all night self programming, the second day or even the next few weeks to learn to run their own code again. read more

Shocked goodwill is terrible 80 million out of thin air PO company intends to net large declineF

doesn’t know what you’re feeling. Anyway, reading your mind is messy. It’s really killing people.

even more so, there are IPO enterprises in the impairment of goodwill. For example, Lin Hua medical 835637.OC in July 2016 to spend 15 million yuan to acquire net assets of -52.41 million trillion medical care, at the end of the year in full mention. Less than half a year, the acquisition went straight to naught.

recently, sh419 a sudden adjustment for many Taobao passenger soldiers in disarray, the cattle station no longer a cow, income fell significantly. And many unknown small station but rapid prominence, occupied the position, income rose significantly. Some happy, some angry, and some people think that sh419’s move is more conducive to long-term development of the network and small and medium-sized owners, some people think that sh419 is a challenge to Taobao, saying different. But anyway, for our webmaster, wants to obtain long-term money, it would have to do six words "professional and dedicated", seemingly three words a meaning, but carefully, meaning there is a big difference, the author focuses on the three key words about how to consolidate and reinforce the Taobao customer a website to make money. read more

How long is the road to a successful stationRespect road science and technology in the fifth vision

report: Chongqing zhundao Technology Co. Ltd.

fifth horizon advertising alliance was founded in the fall of 2007, from its website officially launched, after six months of development, has developed into the main site more than more than 3000 medium-sized advertising alliance, the influential advertising alliance itself become the main force for zhundao technology acquisition of its alliance. Although the existing service alliance is not perfect, but the statue of Taoist believe that, when the fifth horizon advertising alliance into zhundao technology advanced service concept, the alliance will again burst of vitality, will give the website > read more

No team is not alone in entrepreneurial farewellTaobao shop how to avoid second hand supply

ask, what our country most, there is no doubt that most people, who created the labor force in our country is not worth the money. It is because of cheap labor, so the boss will often be squeezed, if you think you are the excellent style, most of the time, the boss will only be more a step to the press, finally left the slag.

team is not alone in this venture, farewell! Words you have feelings, not to say that a person’s strength is small, but the team has more power.

said so many things that have nothing to do with the business, just want to say why I want to choose entrepreneurship, do not choose to work. read more