Xining childlike painting future public exhibition hope you subscribe

recently, Xining childlike painting future special children’s art exhibition at the first floor of the Yangtze River Road Hualian Shopping mall. The public exhibition includes gouache, pastel painting, painting, color lead and filigree Thangka 76 paintings, the exhibition lasted from June 20th to July 2nd, members of the public are welcome to subscribe.

of the public exhibition co sponsored by the Xining Charity Federation, Xining City Social Welfare Institute and the Xining school for the deaf, "life is a continuous effect" as the theme, featured gouache, pastel painting, painting, color lead and filigree Thangka 76 paintings, works from some special intelligence children with disabilities, mental disability or hearing disability. read more

9 most beautiful people in Huangyuan was commended

In them, there is a quality worthy, there is a spirit through the ages; on them, there is a feeling there is a touching, inspiring pride. On the morning of September 16th, Huangyuan’s first "most beautiful Huangyuan people" ceremony was held in the stone carving square. The first selected the most beautiful people in Huangyuan made a great contribution to the health of Huangyuan foreign friends in Huangyuan Tibetan village to lead the masses to build up the family fortunes a good secretary, long time as relatives generally take good care of sick neighbor model, after the death of her husband still carry the burden of her good daughter-in-law filial piety…… Their story, after the Xining Evening News reported a strong social repercussions. Huangyuan local people after reading the report all thumbs praised: "they are really the most beautiful people in Huangyuan, we support and encourage and reward the government for good, we Huangyuan needs more good people, they are a model, we have to learn from them." "9 people from different positions of the most beautiful people in Huangyuan, have different experiences and different stories, but they use the same good moral, the same good behavior, to the people left a lot of shock and moved. The transfer of their deeds, is a positive energy of the spirit is It’s perfection itself., their inherent in Huangyuan, they are the pride of the people of Huangyuan, is an outstanding representative of the Huangyuan spirit and the social justice." Huangyuan County, a person in charge of such evaluation. The reporter learned that, in recent years, Huangyuan County adhere to the civilized city as an opportunity to vigorously promote the building of citizen morality, nurture and practice the socialist core values, promote the Chinese traditional virtues, promote a new era of style, promote social justice, create all kinds of colorful civilization, the emergence of a large number of helpfulness, filial piety, unremitting self-improvement and dedication the dedication of the moral model and advanced individual. On the same day by the recognition of the most beautiful people in Huangyuan, with their own practical action, in ordinary life, the ordinary post reflects the extraordinary and great, reflects the love and warmth, is the 140 thousand Huangyuan’s moral model and outstanding representative.   read more

Lanzhou Xining west section of the FB try harmony EMU early next month unveiled in Qinghai

With second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Xinjiang section FBI test, Lanzhou Gansu high-speed rail segment is Lanzhou West to Xining will begin testing the FBI in the early August, when the new harmony EMU will debut with Qinghai. In the FBI test and the preparatory work on the basis of the masses of all ethnic groups, Gan Xinqing long-awaited Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway will be fully operational through the end of this year.

it is understood that the current construction of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway before the opening is being stepped up in. Lanzhou Gansu second section communication signal engineering commissioning has been started in April. Gansu Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway section is 1066km, the project is designed according to the above national railway grade double passenger train speed of 200 km / h. Communications, signal systems engineering, including Lanzhou, Xining two hubs (EMU, high-speed field, general speed field), along a total of 21 stations, the relay station 45. At present, the relevant departments of the railway bureau is preparing for the joint commissioning. The FBI tried using high-speed test train test equipment, in the opening of the railway operator before the test run, gradually tested along the rail, contact, communication, signal and other equipment, and according to the test results to adjust the defects found, until the whole system and the system to meet the high-speed operation and dynamic acceptance traffic requirements, make full preparations for the smooth realization of the end of the year. read more

Cordyceps exhibition opened today in Yushu

2015 · China; Qinghai international Tibetan medicine Cordyceps cum Exhibition Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Cordyceps Exhibition"), will be opened today in Yushu City, Seydou beauty of the exhibition center, for a period of three days, the exhibition fair there are three characteristics.
exhibition scale ranks first in the previous
  read more

The fifteen session of the Municipal People’s Congress held its eight plenary meeting of the second

February 27th morning, the eighth session of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held its fifteenth plenary meeting of the second. After listening to the work report of the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress and the work report of the Xining intermediate people’s court, the work report of the Xining Municipal People’s procuratorate.

by the Municipal Commission of the fifteen NPC Standing Committee, municipal people’s Congress Chairman Zou Jiansheng work report to the general assembly. Zou Jiansheng pointed out that in 2015, the Municipal People’s Congress to fully implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen big eighteen, third, fourth, Fifth Plenary Session of the Central Committee, earnestly study and thoroughly implement the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, adhere to the unity of the party’s leadership, the people in power and the rule of law, under the strong leadership of the municipal Party committee, earnestly implement the constitutional and the legal responsibilities, rely on representative, serving the people, innovation and development, as a pragmatic, and consciously accept the leadership of the party, adhere to the correct political orientation, the comprehensive exercise of legal authority, serving the overall work of the city, continue to enhance the ability to perform their duties on behalf of, give full play to the role of deputies to strengthen self construction, improve the level of innovation, promote the work of the NPC and the development of security the people in power. The work has achieved new results, the successful completion of the fifteen session of the National People’s Congress of the six meeting of the scheduled tasks. read more

Datong County to speed up the pace of urban construction

In 2012, Datong County will grab the opportunity to catch the province to promote the construction of the eastern city of group, and vigorously promote the renovation of the old city and county in Eastern metro construction, to accelerate the pace of city construction, efforts to enhance the quality and function of the city

2012, Datong County will grab the opportunity to catch the province to promote the construction of the eastern city of group, and vigorously promote the renovation of the old city and county in Eastern metro construction, to accelerate the pace of city construction, efforts to enhance the quality and function of the city. read more

Eight bright spots to let science day

In September 19th 2015, Xining city national science popularization day launch ceremony, the science day held a series of activities during the period from September 19th to 25, with "innovation, embrace the wisdom of life" as the theme, with "innovation to lead the new normal and innovative achievement of my dreams, innovation helps me the wisdom of life as the main content, to further create a love of science and science, science, science with a good atmosphere. Eight bright spots this year, the city’s Science Day activities brilliant.

highlights: the morning of September 19th, I held the theme of the campaign in the town square, in each unit to display panels, and health consultation, clinic and propaganda materials of science popularization.

two highlights: "Xining science" and "WeChat platform to start, Xining City 10000 people science prize quiz" also started, until September 28th 18 when the answer time from the end of September 19th 9, is equipped with a number of awards, encourage the public to actively participate in.

Three Highlights: popular theatrical performances for the public offer in field of science and entertainment as one of the spiritual feast.

four highlights: for the city grassroots Science Action Plan "project award for awarding units.

five highlights: Science caravan car exhibits will be on display in succession in three county area four.

six highlights: Science volunteers into the village school, the children’s palace to carry out all kinds of propaganda and scientific activities.

seven highlights: all kinds of learning activities in order to carry out.

eight highlights: according to the scientific quality of work requirements, focus on Science Day theme, the farmers training on practical technology, science lectures, science communities and other activities to each county.   read more

Data collection and reporting of the asset management information system of the administrative insti

for strengthening the administrative institutions of state-owned assets management, promote asset management informationization of administrative institutions, according to the Ministry of Finance and the Provincial Department of Finance on the implementation of the asset management information system of administrative institutions (hereinafter referred to as the "information system") and the requirements of the unified deployment, the city information system implementation work officially launched in May this year. Before the construction of the city’s information system platform has been completed, asset data collection, audit, report and summary analysis of work completed. read more