Valamar and TUI signed a Cooperation Agreement for 2019

first_imgLoan raised in OTP banka Hrvatska and OTP Bank Nyrt, Hungary The contract was concluded for the provision of catering services in Valamar’s facilities with an estimated total annual value of HRK 125.525.400. Investment projects in 2019 are focused on repositioning the portfolio according to high value-added offers and services. Valamar Riviera will thus complete the three-year investment cycle worth more than HRK 2 billion, which was envisaged within Valamar’s business growth and development strategy until 2020.  VALAMAR INVESTS 2019 MILLION HRK IN 793 Valamar Riviera dd also announced on the Zagreb Stock Exchange that it had entered into a club loan agreement with OTP banka Hrvatska dionicko društvo from Split and OTP Bank Nyrt from Budapest in the total amount of EUR 40 million to finance the Company’s long-term investments. The Supervisory Board of the largest Croatian tourist company Valamar Riviere has approved the next investment cycle, which will bring the total investment in Valamar’s destinations to HRK 793 million in 2019.center_img Photo: Valamar RELATED NEWS: Business cooperation with TUI UK, the leading tour operator in the European emitting market, has ensured a part of the hotel occupancy, both in the main and in the pre-season and sub-season of 2019, they point out from Valamar. Valamar Riviera dd has concluded a cooperation agreement with TUI UK for 2019.last_img read more

We researched how global and Croatian hotels are preparing for the “new normal”

first_imgThe Covid pandemic19 hit the tourism sector hardest. We can only count on the recovery when the vaccine is found, and it will certainly take 2-3 years, if not longer, to return to the current global tourism trends. One thing is for sure – tourism will be different and will go through three phases. The Croatian Tourism Association (HUT), which brings together leading hoteliers, including UPUHH, has already sent its proposals to the Ministry of Tourism, which will forward them to the CNIPH and the National Civil Protection Headquarters for consideration. Hilton, on the other hand, will remove pen and paper from the rooms, and will supplement them with digital devices that will be available on request, will place wipes at the elevator, so that guests can clean the call button each time, as well as unlock rooms via mobile phone via smart locks. We are pleased with the positive signals about the possibility of opening the borders of our emitting markets, as well as the image of Croatia as a “crown free” destination recognized by the media and our partners in EU markets, Zenzerovic points out and adds that everyone in the sector every tourist day. ”Everyone in the sector is aware that this season will be marked by a struggle for every tourist day. Our common goal should be how to ensure maximum safety for guests and employees in these specific conditions, but at the same time to provide guests with a positive experience and a pleasant holiday, given that this is the foundation of tourism.” Marriott has established a global cleanliness council to combat the hotel-level COVID-19 pandemic and further enhance the company’s efforts in the area. “I hope that in this way we will help the competent services of the Republic of Croatia, which must formally adopt a framework in which hotel operations will be organized, and we hereby invite them to do so as soon as possible so that everyone is ready to receive guests as soon as possible.” Learn more about Marriott security protocols HERE Side dish: SG Clean – Singapore Licensed Hotels Singapore was the first to introduce concrete measures for hotels, using SG Clean certification On the other hand, we can certainly look at the measures introduced by world players – Marriott and Hilton. In the prologue we bring the official protocol documents for hotels. Marriott is introducing electrostatic sprays to disinfect surfaces throughout the hotel. Otherwise, electrostatic spraying technology uses the highest classification of disinfectants recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) for the treatment of known pathogens. In addition, the company is testing ultraviolet light technology to disinfect guest keys and devices shared by associates. But let’s turn to the current year, which is also the topic of the article. As we know, the Government of the Republic of Croatia has made a decision that in the third phase of easing the measures (May 11), the operation of catering facilities in accommodation facilities will be allowed, but only for accommodation users. Interestingly, formally hotels do not have a work ban, but of course in a situation where tourism has stopped and everyone is in self-isolation, it is logical that hotels are closed because they have no one to be open to. Checklist for SG Clean Program – Singapore Licensed Hotels When it comes to the reception, there should be no major changes, except for keeping a distance, but you can certainly digitize the whole process through a self-check in – that the guest does not need to log in through the reception and can unlock the room with a mobile phone or hotel application. A new recategorization of the hotel, as well as all other standards, will follow. We can predict, speculate and get some frameworks, but at the moment no one still knows for sure exactly how and how hotels will work in the future and the new categorization. Marriott’s global cleanliness council is focused on developing the next level of global cleanliness standards in hospitality, norms and behaviors designed to minimize risk and increase safety for both consumers and Marriott associates, he points out. Arne Sorenson, President and CEO, Marriott International and adds: “We are grateful for the trust that our guests have shown us over the years. We want our guests to understand what we are doing today and planning in the near future in the areas of cleanliness, hygiene and social distance, so that when they walk through the door of one of our hotels, they know our commitment because health and safety is our priority. It is equally important to us that our associates know the changes we are making to preserve our health while serving our guests” What is currently most important is certainly to bring recommendations and measures from the General Staff as soon as possible, so that tourism entrepreneurs, both hoteliers and all other accommodation providers and catering facilities, can prepare for the coming period as soon as possible and better. In the first phase, at least until the vaccine is found, there will be tourism that contradicts itself – full of various restrictions, avoiding crowds and hats, and without contact and interaction with the hosts. Hilton CleanStay protocol “Access to guests will certainly change this season and adapt to new circumstances. Maximum sanitary standards and the necessary social distance will have to be ensured in all business segments. In coordination with its members, other national hotel organizations from Europe and colleagues from professional associations in Croatia, we have developed proposals for adapting operating procedures to the new situation.”Zenzerovic points out. Also Marriott and Hilton agreed to work with the Mayo clinic for all hotel facilities in America. Learn more about the Hilton CleanStay protocol HERE Thus, the hotel must implement the “SG clean” program, which states, among other things, that it is necessary to ensure the process of measuring body temperature and monitoring COVID-19 symptoms in employees, have a ready procedure for resolving COVID-19 cases in case of infection, ensure a safe distance between at least one meter of tables and between seats. Marriott’s food safety program includes improved sanitation guidelines and training videos for all operating associates that include hygiene and disinfection procedures. In addition, the company is changing its operating practices for in-room dining and devising new approaches to buffets. Source: Hilton Some of the main challenges will certainly be the functioning of the restaurant. The buffet is certainly no longer an option, and significant changes are expected in this field. The question arises as to what measures and how the use of hotel pools will work, which is one of the critical places, ie where all guests bathe in one place. Also, deck chairs as well as beaches will definitely need to be disinfected. Some of the critical places are also fitness halls, elevators, congress halls, stair handrails… But what all the measures will be, you still need to see the instructions of epidemiologists. Bernard Zenzerović, UPUHH: Everyone in the sector is aware that this season will be marked by a struggle for every tourist day And in several stages. The first phase is until a vaccine or cure is found, the second phase will be recovery, and after a few years, tourism will stabilize or return to the “old” branches, but I hope with new sustainable and healthy foundations – smarter, more sustainable, healthier and more humane tourism. Or tourism 2.0 – whatever that means. While waiting for the decisions and recommendations of the General Staff for the tourism sector, I talked to Bernard Zenzerović from the Association of Employers in the Hotel Industry of Croatia (UPUHH) on the topic of how hoteliers see functioning in this challenging age and what are their proposals to the General Staff.last_img read more

The question everyone is asking: What will the next tourist year be like? Here are some loud thoughts

first_imgThe global tourism sector at the time of the coronavirus pandemic, and on the eve of the next tourist year, has two big challenges to try to come back confidence global travelers: rapid testing and temperature measurement at the entrance of both countries and destinations. But let’s go first. / / / A MUCH MORE FOCUS SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON THE CZECH AND POLISH MARKETS In conclusion, clear and transparent communication will play a key role. This year we learned a lot, what was good and what was wrong, now we have corrective and we have to set things, ie communication, to be clear and accessible to all in one place, and not to find key information on multiple channels. Especially for foreign tourists. Just last week, U.S. Senate for Trade, Science and Transportation member Mary Cantwell of Washington and Senator Rick Scott of Florida unveiled a bill proposing that the U.S. Traffic Safety Administration (TSA) conduct temperature checks at existing airport checkpoints in to increase passenger air safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the winter and fall, people will literally accept. ”new normal”Ie the fact that we have to live with the coronavirus for some time, and life, business and thus tourism must move on. Next year readiness, seriousness and preparedness of the health system will also play one of the key roles. Proximity to hospitals, secured accommodation in case of corona, covid tourist clinics, fast testing in destinations, clear protocols, number of respirators, travel cancellation insurance policies, co-financing of testing costs, etc.… I definitely see our advantage here, only the system this time, especially in the field we need to arrange it much better, as well as internal and external communication. Fortunately, this time we have time to be ready. Nonetheless, we have learned a lot this year. I hope that we will apply this in the field and for the preparation of the tourist year 2021. Executive Vice President of the American Travel Association Tori Emerson Barnes said that although health care must remain a priority, travel should be possible with strict protocols. Airport temperature checks would be carried out using innovative, contactless technologies thermal cameras capable of automatically viewing a large number of passengers passing through existing TSA checkpoints. It is simple and non-invasive, and such systems have already been shown to be effective in identifying infected individuals and mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in other countries. Therefore communication will be key. And we need to prepare well and organize the whole system, from the public to the private sector, both nationally and destination-wise. This year was really an extraordinary situation, not seen in recent history, so we had both mistakes and good things in operation and communication. But we have to admit where we went wrong and correct those same mistakes. Only then can we move forward. Also, this year has shown that there must simply be synergy and dialogue between the public and private sectors, of course primarily with the aim of market development. As always, tango requires two. The new Minister of Tourism and Sports took the first real step, sat down with the profession and talked openly. Which is the first prerequisite for moving forward. Also, this year all the flaws of the system were seen, who jumped out and who failed. Also, we must not be “cursed” to earn every penny today, and tomorrow everything will stop. We just have to watch the distance, on all levels. Let go of the Headquarters, this season as well as today, it is quite clear to everyone how we must keep our distance and how we must adhere to all epidemiological measures. Maxes and gloves must be mandatory, and control on strict and consistent by county headquarters. We don’t need Headquarters to tell or suggest that. This year, although the season was beyond all expectations, we had a good season, but unfortunately we were “arrogant” and gave up towards the end and thus closed the door. Honor the positive examples. Good season, according to the frames and announcements, but it remains a pity that it did not last longer. She was certainly not great, which is constantly imputed. We need to be aware that there was no pre-season, as well as the current post-season, that costs have risen tremendously, and that ultimately the selling price of accommodation has been much lower. And we need to be aware of that. If there was no measure of the Government of the Republic of Croatia that keeps employment in the tourism sector until the end of this year, the whole story would be totally different. But let’s get back to communication. This year, although it was a new and extraordinary situation, the whole system failed with communication, both to the field and to the outside. Although later, communication and information rose to a relatively solid level, it continued to escalate day by day with some new problem. The translation of all important information in a foreign language was delayed, the recommendations were delayed, as well as the failed marketing campaign of the CNTB, which continued to sell “sun and sea”. / / / PROMOTION OF CROATIA AS SAFE AND DESIRABLE NAUTICAL DESTINATIONS ON NAUTICAL CHANNEL The implementation of such high-volume temperature testing programs is actually already underway at some U.S. airports, but not all airports, which this law seeks to achieve. According to the data International Air Transport Association (IATA), over 140 countries and territories around the world have already implemented protocols to check temperatures at airports, including eight of the world’s ten largest aviation markets, with the U.S. and Germany being the only detentions. But due to the poor and slow reaction of the system with key information, especially in English, they jumped in to help from the private sector. Viber community as an informative crisis tourism headquarters for foreign tourists , and it is HUT launched the Corona Region Tracker website, which epidemiologically mapped Croatia by regions. For the next season, it is the state that must provide one such map, which will give the moment a fox from each county and all cities individually, not regions. Will tourism stop? No! People will continue to travel. As we have seen this year as well, tourism has proven to be tougher than anyone expected. Even in the global health crisis. One thing is for sure, next season will be better than this, it will be present last minute, but it will also be much more organized and structured. Of course, if the condition with the coronavirus does not worsen dramatically, which it should not, at least according to today’s knowledge about it. Tourism has suffered five times more losses than in the midst of the global economic and financial crisis, according to UNWTO data, and predicts that Recovery takes two to four years. Realistically, the real recovery of the tourism sector begins only when a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus is found. Only then can we talk about the beginning of recovery, with various changes and new habits, which will surely take several years, to return to the same number of trips before the epidemic. / / / TURKEY AS THE BEST EXAMPLE OF HOW TO COMMUNICATE AND TELL A STORY Although I already hear the narrative from the field that many will now stop many investments and raise the quality, under the prism, that the next two years must return what was lost this year. It’s definitely a bad move, because right now is the time for raising quality i digitization. Paraphrasing Pejović’s statement, have we finally learned anything from this crisis? I hope we are and will finally turn to the future and the new tourism paradigm. We cannot change history, but the future is in our hands. As always, it’s all up to ourselves. Namely, as announced by the Israeli government, the company Nanoscent has developed a test for coronavirus that lasts only 30 seconds. Although the exact price of the test is not yet known, if it proves successful after testing, it would be a real game changer. Also, many other companies are trying to come up with an effective solution, as in the case of the Israeli company, in order to get the test results as soon as possible. If the law is passed, it could play a major role in restore public confidence towards air traffic while the pandemic continues. A recent IATA report found that 80 percent of passengers surveyed said temperature checks would make them feel safer while traveling, and those countries that have already introduced thermal display systems have experienced a relative return in air travel. It is these two themes that dominate the global narrative in the tourism industry, in preparation for the 2021 season. As we know, tourism will not stop, but the challenge is how to prepare protocols for mass control when entering countries. No more selling on your own and you will need to have the nerve to fight day in and day out. It is certainly good that everyone has prepared several different scenarios, so that in the event of the closure or opening of new markets, they can react immediately. We will have to be ready for intense changes, as this year. In conclusion, I think that next year will be a good season, better than this one, according to the current framework.center_img However, two important factors have emerged as key challenges for the entire tourism industry, as I mentioned in the introduction: rapid testing and temperature measurement at the entrance of both countries and destinations. – As our economy reopens and Americans begin to travel more, we must do everything we can to make travel safe. ”said the senator Rick scott and added that consumer protection must also be ensured against unfair airline pricing tactics. “This law will make it possible to check the temperature, while at the same time ensuring the flexibility of airlines with customers who get sick after buying a flight. If passengers are not allowed to fly due to fever, airlines will need to work with the client to transfer or cancel the flight free of charge.”Scott points out. But let’s get back to certainty i communication. Playing the “corona free” card was in the beginning, and it will still be a failure for everyone who goes that way, let’s just remember the example of Montenegro or Dubrovnik. No one can guarantee 100% protection, but one should turn to communication as it is made Turska, which showed the best of all countries in the world how to communicate at the time of coronavirus. Yes, we have to live on, so tourism has to go on, but we have taken all the prerequisites to protect you and to react quickly when a new patient appears – is a mantra that we must follow. Be sure to check out the video and how Turkey communicates this summer season, which can be found at the link below. Perception security i communication, as well as a complex health system – will be one of the most sought after currencies and among the main motives for coming. Again, Croatia as a primary self-destination has this advantage, although by then air traffic will stabilize, as well as the proximity of emitting markets. Certainly a stronger focus should be placed on the markets Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Tourism will be safe, it’s just a question of what and how much. With rapid tests as well as non-contact temperature measurement technologies, things would improve significantly and gain the confidence of both passengers and the state to open borders. Thus, by using innovative, contactless thermal camera technology, it is possible to automatically view a large number of passengers, without contact and creating crowds. Photo: Hospitals, protocols, testing, health system readiness, safety perception…. -I think that in the time after Covid, technology will play a key role in maintaining market competitiveness. Simply, we are going through a kind of system reset. This is an opportunity for all tourist facilities to review internal processes, arrange the so-called tech stack, working on automation, etc. Whoever does not keep up with trends with quality, technology, approach, will find it much harder to recover. And that’s why I believe right now is the right time to dedicate to adapting to what’s coming to us in the future, he pointed out Marko Mišulić from Rentlio recently interview. – We have been working for 30 years to return to the tourist results from ’89. … now we will work for 30 years to go back to the results of 2019… and once we try to move forward without looking back maybe we would achieve something nešto this way we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. That is our reality, he emphasized in one of his loud reflections Zoran Pejović, from Paradox Hospitality, a hotel management consulting firm. Otherwise, the Transportation Safety Authority (TSA) is responsible for protecting the nation by ensuring safe travel. The TSA does this with various checkpoints at airports, railway inspections and subway patrols. Created after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the TSA is working hard to maintain a balance between freedom of travel and security for all. Of course, the CNTB’s campaigns have reach and visibility, but to brag that only the mentioned campaigns are responsible for the “success” of this season is really excessive. But that is another topic for wider discussion. To take this opportunity to praise the CNTB, which has just launched an excellent cooperation with the platform Nautical Channel, in which through 20 shows from Croatia, nautical tourism is promoted. Later, the EU also reacted with an excellent platform Re-open EU. Currently The EC proposes a fairer approach to closing borders, common criteria as well as mapping of regions tj. common criteria and thresholds Member States to introduce travel restrictions at EU level, and to avoid the problems and political games that have dominated this year, especially towards Croatia. The Ministry of the Interior should also be praised when it is on borders introduced a special entry lane for foreigners who have registered through the EnterCroatia system, as well as mentioned EnterCroatia platform. On the other hand, the big problem is that on test results on covid19 waited too long. But by next season, a solution may be found for that challenge as well. Also, the technology will also play an important role. Simply, the rhythm will be able to follow only those who have grappled with digitalization. With the already mentioned communication, security protocols in destinations, tourism would get a sustainable platform to day development, despite the coronavirus. People will continue to travel, and no one knows exactly what the changes will be. Next year will be dominated by individual arrivals, last minute, and the focus will be on additional content and quality. Quality, not quantity. Just this year, it was once again shown that quality accommodation has a much better occupancy. Focus on smaller individual programs, not masses, as well as quality programs again. There is also an opportunity for travel agencies. It will take a lot more effort around the guest and in communication, especially before arrival, ie in sales. The focus and imperative will be on direct booking, and for that we need quality, different and authentic content or storyteeling. This year it finally showed up as well synergy of the profession, and until yesterday’s “competitors” became partners and exchanged information and supported each other on a daily basis. This new habit I hope will stay forever. Also, there are already large devices on the market, which disinfect the person who passes through them, but these are expensive solutions and they need a lot to be able to withstand the relatively fast flow of tourists. But it is ideal for hotels and restaurants, if of course there is a bill. What is your opinion? Join the discussion at LIN or FB. Two heads are always smarter than one. The question that everyone asks and that hangs over everyone’s head “planning”, as much as possible, is what will the 2021 tourist year be like? Even realistically no one has the correct answer yet, and it is known that nothing is known, yet here are some personal loud reflections. last_img read more

Rush County man sentenced for arson

first_imgRushville, IN—A Rush County man received a six-year conviction on June 27 for intentionally setting a fire at his ex-girlfriend’s home in 2018. Robert McDonald, 29, was arrested for arson in September 2018.Fire investigators said McDonald broke into her home and set a mattress on fire. The house was destroyed, but no one was hurt.last_img

Town Hall meeting this Saturday with State legislators

first_imgVersailles, IN—State Representative Randy Fry and State Senator Chip perfect will be in attendance for a Town Hall this Saturday, January 25, at 8 am in the Ripley County Commissioners Room at the courthouse annex in Versailles.  Both legislators will listen to constituents and give updates on the current legislative session at the Statehouse. They will also travel to Dillsboro on Saturday to host a second Town Hall meeting at the Dillsboro Town Hall at 10 am.last_img

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz speaks out amid ethics probe

first_imgFlorida Representative Matt Gaetz is responding to an ethics probe into his controversial tweets.He told Fox News today that he had done nothing wrong and stood by his comments when he tweeted at former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.Gaetz said there is a double standard on the freedom of speech depending on political affiliation and he believes he’s the victim of a coordinated political attack.He also called out Representative Maxine Waters, citing that she incited violence against Republicans and Trump supporters but faced with no criticism.However, both Democrats and Republicans have criticized Gaetz, some saying it was inappropriate when asked Cohen “Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends?”  and questioned if Cohen’s wife would remain faithful while he is in prison.Some lawmakers say his Tweets were an attempt to intimidate a witness.last_img read more

Trump: G-7 Summit Will Not Be Held at Miami Resort in 2020

first_img…..its own 50 to 70 unit building. Would set up better than other alternatives. I announced that I would be willing to do it at NO PROFIT or, if legally permissible, at ZERO COST to the USA. But, as usual, the Hostile Media & their Democrat Partners went CRAZY!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 20, 2019 Mr. Trump had announced last Thursday that his resort would host the summit.The White House had been defending its decision to use a Trump property for the summit, saying it would be run at cost or no profit, although some media outlets and Democrats criticized the administration for it.The emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution prohibits the President from accepting any gifts and money from foreign governments. President Trump has reversed course on his plans to host next year’s Group of Seven, or G-7 Summit, at his Miami golf resort, Trump National Doral.The commander-in-chief tweeted Saturday night:….Therefore, based on both Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility, we will no longer consider Trump National Doral, Miami, as the Host Site for the G-7 in 2020. We will begin the search for another site, including the possibility of Camp David, immediately. Thank you!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 20, 2019last_img read more

NAMILCO Under-17 football set to resume today in Essequibo

first_imgIMPROVED weather conditions have resulted in the resumption of the NAMILCO-sponsored countrywide Under-17 football tournament on the Essequibo Coast.One game is set for today with Dartmouth Dominators FC taking on Good Hope at the New Opportunity Corps ground in Onderneeming from 15:00hrsTomorrow, Good Hope take on Henrietta from 15:00hrs at the New Opportunity Corps ground. More football action is scheduled to continue next weekendThe competition began on May 14, 2016 involving seven clubs from across the Region and after three preliminary rounds; Henrietta United Football Club lead the standings with 12 points.When contacted, president of the Essequibo Coast and Pomeroon Football Association (ECPFA), Compton Haynes, revealed that the clubs are all eager to resume following the unfavourable weather conditions which had kept the grounds unfit for play over several months.Haynes, who is also the Coordinator of the tournament told Chronicle Sport that with schools now reopened, most of the players will be available to represent their clubs and an exciting finish is anticipated given the high skills level of the competing teams.He also expressed his delight at the exposure enjoyed by the young footballers especially those emerging from the hinterland districts including Mainstay and Wakapau, which are Amerindian villages. Incidentally, Wakapau Football Club had to withdraw after their initial participation due to financial constraints.At the conclusion of the competition, the club with the most points will be declared the winners and will receive trophies and medals. Additionally, the ECPFA will select a batch of players to be enlisted for a GFF-sponsored Football Academy in Georgetown.The tournament is being jointly hosted by the National Milling Company and the Guyana Football Federation in conjunction with the respective local football associations across the country.last_img read more

Cricket News ENG vs IND, 3rd Test: India beat England by 203 runs, Virat Kohli dedicates win to Kerala flood victims

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. New Delhi: On the fifth day of Nottingham Test, Virat Kohli-led team India beat England by a huge 203 run margin. After struggling quite hard on the fourth day of the Nottingham Test, middle order of team England bite the dust after the introduction of new ball. It was Jasprit Bumrah who took four wickets in just five overs spell leading team India in strong position again.With this win, team India manages to survive in the five match Test series but England still lead the series 2-1.India’s cornered cricketers produced a fantastic collective performance to outclass England by 203 runs in the third Test to keep the five-match series alive, here today.Needing only a wicket on the final morning, India completed the formalities in only 2.5 overs as England were all out for 317, well short of the mammoth victory target of 521 runs.India now trail England 1-2 but more importantly got some breathing space after a heart-breaking defeat in Edgbaston, followed by the debacle at the Lord’s. The final wicket was taken by Ravichandran Ashwin, who dismissed James Amderson (11), caught by Ajinkya Rahane.The heartening aspect was the kind of domination shown by the Indian team in what can easily be termed as a complete performance under Virat Kohli’s captaincy outside the sub-continent.With the powerful knock of 97 and 103, skipper Virat Kohli becomes the Man of the Match and he evendedicates this win to the victims of Kerala floods.Scoreboard of the match: India (1st Innings) – 329 all outEngland (1st Innings) – 161 all outIndia (2nd Innings) – 352-7/declEngland (2nd Innings) – 317 all out (With inputs from agencies) last_img read more