College Students’ entrepreneurial success stories share smooth beauty shop open

college graduates choose to start a business is good, the most critical thing is to find their own projects. Every year there are a number of new graduates to work around, now the 5 anniversary of graduation, I think it is necessary to write my five years of experience, and graduate students ".

said before graduation five years is an important stage that you open the gap, I am very glad that I made the right choice at that time. I graduated from university that year, when many students are busy looking for work, I was busy looking for a partner business, because at that time the support policy to the graduates state is very good, I spotted this opportunity with the best bestie partnership roaring vigorous open dry.

we first determine the project, because the thought of partners are girls, but also love of beauty, so we bent toward the beauty industry. At that time we decided to do the franchise, because of the lack of funds for us, it is very difficult to establish their own beauty salon, choose a brand to join will make us more relaxed.


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