After 90 returnees alternative entrepreneurial story

now after 90 to become the mainstay business of the market, they dare to spell, has a sense of innovation, more and more people will get 90, of course, some successful 90 entrepreneurs is also worthy of recognition.

recently aired on CCTV financial channel CCTV2 "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" program, there is a 90 "bar APP" entrepreneurial team, the program scene won the investment of RMB about 7000000 yuan intention, which means that the several 90 entrepreneurs set up less than 5 months of the valuation of the company more than ten million, causing the crowd hot. What is a what kind of team? Why can the vision of helping the investment mission to get the favor of us to find out?.

after a few people together to clean up after the company’s core founder Li Zhihao and Yang Fugui into the office to discuss the work plan in the near future, standing on the 27 floor of the French window, and hand on Henry’s shoulders, Zhihao hands folded, they stared at the huge city with eyes, eyes showing great dream and passion, see through their eyes is a competitor.

"APP bar" entrepreneurial team was invited to participate in the CCTV2 CCTV financial channel broadcast in December 2014 of the "entrepreneurial heroes meeting" program, they face the scene in the program is China top business leaders, but they are fearless, successful programs in the field was about 7000000 yuan RMB investment intention. < / recommendation

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