Dealing with the customer needs to concentrate on business

now we often see some shopkeepers busy with their own things, leading customers do not know the door to seriously entertain, long term, naturally will keep the customer’s loss, leading to business affected. Not long ago, I went to the city to a fruit and vegetable supermarket shopping, just entering the door, more than and 40 square meters of the supermarket empty, I saw the owner playing computer games next to the computer, and sometimes pick up the phone voice WeChat. I asked: "Hello, I want to buy a pound of American Sunkist lemon."

owner did not lift his head, responded: "28 yuan a pound." Say that finish, the owner was busy playing computer games, occasionally in the excitement, but also cheered loudly, I will send money to his side. At this time, just listen to the sound, the owner anxious to see WeChat voice, about five minutes or so, did not pay attention to me, I picked up the money on the table angrily left the supermarket.

nowadays, some people are addicted to new games and high-tech communication tools, such as mobile control, computer control, etc.. However, if the retailer has become a mobile phone control, computer control, it is difficult to obtain consumer recognition. How can we do to allow consumers to recognize it? I think we should do the following three points:

is a smile. The so-called "greet eight side guests, like all guest", that is to treat consumers like family, really let consumers happy, satisfied, keep smiling face time.

two is to take the initiative to welcome. Even if the interest in online games and mobile phone by WeChat, as long as consumers to patronize the store, whether to buy or not to buy, should take the initiative and accosted for the goods, so, in order to allow consumers to feel comfortable, not because of their bad habits and the impact of business.

three is out of politeness. Into the shop door, is the customer. In the course of the consumer patronize the store, as the main store to be polite, not because of the gas, lost a consumer in order to retain customers for a long time.

since it is to do business, I hope customers can come, then, in the customer after the door also need to provide customers with more quality services, so as to be able to obtain customer recognition. And want customer recognition, customer service is better, naturally also need to concentrate on the service, so that it can really be sure, for the development of the business to help.

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