Anhui’s new political Silver Bear business helping Entrepreneurship

for many entrepreneurs, a good entrepreneurship policy and entrepreneurial environment is the first step of success, and now the society actively promote entrepreneurship, but also the emergence of many Small and micro businesses, governments in order to encourage entrepreneurship, have helped the development of Small and micro businesses.

8 7 days, reporters from the province’s new politics Silver Bear cooperation to promote the meeting was informed that our province took the lead in the country to propose and implement the "4321" new politics Silver Bear cooperation model, has been widely recognized and the response of banks, guarantee agencies, local governments and enterprises, fully affirmed by the relevant state ministries and commissions. To the end of 7, the new government supported silver business has exceeded 7 billion yuan, 4 million 850 thousand yuan per household, all the province’s 16 provincial cities, 87 counties (city, district) has been extended.

In fact, some of the


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