Aunt Marie laundry to answer how much money to join a dry cleaners

many want to invest to open a dry cleaning shop friends, always ask: how much money to join the dry cleaners? Is the dry cleaner profitable? How about the cost of the dry cleaners? Actually, how much does it take to open a dry cleaning shop depends on the following factors:

first, you want to invest in the city dry cleaners to do a market survey to some extent, such as in Zhejiang and Jiangsu in Wenzhou, Yancheng, Hunan, Xiangtan, Shaanxi, Yanan and other places, some obviously, to open investment scale and grade is not the same, perhaps about one hundred thousand investment in Yanan can open a very good in the local dry cleaning shop in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, may need to invest in order to open up a 3389 very good dry cleaners, so each city’s consumption level, the city decided to join a brand to choose what kind of grades of cleaners, what kind of investment scale and cost, also determine the specific amount of money in hefei.

secondly, each brand to join the dry cleaners have their own different positioning, they must be done according to their location in the city and then find out the size of their own stores, the budget of the brand. At the same time, each brand has a different scale of investment types, which need to rationally choose suitable for dry cleaning equipment practical real, and some need to go through the high price, do not blindly listen to encourage sales staff. In some dry cleaners ten franchise brand, aunt Marie washing has been its diligent and pragmatic style for the majority of investors want to open a dry cleaning shop, provide the most real investment plan, to ensure that every dry cleaners aunt Marie can get the maximum benefit in the minimum investment, quick return of funds.

finally, investment to join the dry cleaners, in fact, is the largest of the equipment investment cost, if possible, suggest that long-term vision there must be investment, do not blindly in order to save money, and buy back some useful soon become obsolete equipment, choose something without continued support of Li Gui brand after thus, the impact to their dry cleaning operations, the surface seems to be the laundry costs, in fact, in the course of the operation, because the hardware and technology can not keep up, and the influence of their own profits.

a good Hefei brand, will be vital from the franchisee’s interests, not just dry cleaners can add their own brands, more attention is to maintain its own brand, let every aunt Marie laundry franchisee to make money, let every one to wash the clothes washing aunt Marie the store customer satisfaction, is the real purpose and target!

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