Characteristics of the opportunity to open a home cry can make money

in your heart has unbearable sadness, but also can not find a place where you can cry, you will do? I believe there are a lot of people should have such an experience, most of them are persistent, until the physical health and mental state has been a very big threat. It is precisely because there is such a background, so that many entrepreneurs have a plan to open a cry.

as the saying goes: emotions, human nature. Man is born in his tears, in the tears of others. Even a strong character who will inevitably be cry or cry when. It is human nature to cry, no need to learn, everyone will, just like the heart beat, the kidney excretion instinct, like a sigh, sneezing as spontaneous. However, due to the limitation of certain external conditions, and also become a luxury thing, because of the lack of a suitable place to "Park", let the tears of pain release, there is no suitable people can talk, can rely on.

so, tears began to breed opportunities. "Cry", a person to vent emotions, pour out the difficulties of the place, began to do a different kind of business in a corner of Shanghai.

market demand born crying

Liu Linna is crying in Shanghai, Lord, although she’s crying it opened only two months, but engaged in this industry, she has nearly three years. Speaking of the idea to open crying, but also with her experience has not unrelated. Originally, before the operation of "cry", Liu Linna in a Shanghai law media consultant, called "marriage prescription" column is for others to worry she doubts party positions. In the period of two and a half years, through the hotline, letters and a series of means to get Liu Linna help more than a thousand people.

"in the work, I found the need to talk, the need for psychological counseling and a few people, but in the long time of practice I have accumulated some experience, and formed its own unique coaching mode. Most of the people who accept my counseling are accompanied by tears. That being the case, why don’t I start my own business and start crying?."

Liu Linna described the origin of the original idea of entrepreneurship, with such an idea, I will find the feasibility of the Shanghai Psychological Association of teachers such as the Advisory Zhang Zhenyu. They think that crying can not solve the problem, but under the guidance of the psychological help to solve the problem of the fundamental solution. The affirmation of the teachers encouraged me to start crying."

In order to distinguish

from Nanjing’s "cry", but for some faded melancholy, Liu Linna will own "cry" and harmonic sound "cool". On the "cool" table, put a piece of

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