Ask yourself these 8 questions before choosing a business incubator

endless entrepreneurial incubator so many weak start-up companies heart, it can really make a lot easier to start a business. Due to the development of business incubator for the future development of enterprises is essential, so in the choice of need to consider carefully.

in exchanges with the entrepreneurs, we found that the following 8 aspects, is worth entrepreneurs choose the incubator must consider clearly. In order to be able to solve these problems, m warehouse has the idea to do the hive. Take a look at these 8 questions:

1, don’t be cheap.

startup funds is understandable, but investors also hope you spend money on products rather than in other places.

but no provision of entrepreneurs must office in a remote suburb or dark basement, a convenient traffic motivation and belonging to entrepreneurial team incubator with brand influence is very strong.

especially remember is that the true meaning of the price is not the cheapest, but to buy. To achieve the maximum value of your incubator, is the best incubator.

2, careful selection of geographical location.

3, carefully inspect the working atmosphere.

The incubator will have good

4, reject impetuous environment.


in the inner expansion, without a single success, has lost is the worst.

create products, shall not be any exercise of strength are impetuous. Even those who BAT out of the entrepreneur, also must abandon past reputation, to start again.

5, service facilities.

incubator is not only the office should also have business supporting and complete service facilities.

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