Beauty salon project pricing tips

now the society, the beauty salon business is very hot, especially now is coming to the end of the year, there are a lot of people want to be happy to do a beauty service, the United States and the United States to go home for the new year.

according to the price theory, the influence factors of beauty service pricing are cost, demand and competition three, cost is a fundamental part of the beauty service value, which determines the minimum limit of beauty service price, if the price is lower than the cost, then unprofitable; market demand influence customer understanding of beauty service value, and then decide the beauty service the price ceiling, and the market competition situation is adjusted constantly between the price fluctuation in the upper and lower limits, and ultimately determine the market price of the beauty service. However, in the study of beauty service costs, market supply and demand and competitive conditions, must be linked to the basic characteristics of the service.

Management personnel should understand

The fixed cost of

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