Second flowers Tanchun Village Tour held in Wuhan the whole

March is the season of flowers, with beautiful flowers, can bring people more beautiful, so that consumers feel the flowers are different, win people’s recognition. You know what? In Wuhan, Haman District held the second session of the "spring flowers open up a fresh outlook of rural tourism", attract people’s attention.

it is understood that the "flowers Tanchun Village Tour" opened in March 11th, for a period of 40 days. Ma, He Sheng, mainly around the Tingsi, curtain, Sungai, Takahashi, osmanthus 7 villages and towns to carry out a series of activities to learn and Tanchun, respectively, the history of flowers tour, folk tea flowers tour, delicacy beauty health tour, flowers ecological tourism products bamboo planning four tourist routes.

in the second "flowers Tanchun Village Tour" activities, people can see the blooming curtain Xiang rape flower field, heshengqiao Town Town, the town features chicken Tingsi osmanthus town streets, the Ming and Qing Dynasties Millennium ancient Guangxi, Gaoqiaozhen acres of cherry blossoms and other attractions have become a good place for many the tourists and the public to enjoy the beauty of spring.

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