2012 open a jewelry store should also be wary of investment traps


is now the entrepreneurial journey of ten million, but in so many of these at the end of the road we are invisible, so in 2012 the first, I hope you at the same time with a cavity blood business, also should be vigilant.

many early entrepreneurs because there is no experience of what have been turning to join the online advertising of every hue but many accessories, advertising but allow entrepreneurs to join deception. Is a number of entrepreneurs to seize the entrepreneur to save the figure, want to make a lot of money psychology. It all looks like a chance to make money. In such advertising temptation, some jewelry into the so-called can’t help agent to join or chain trap.

small by sharing the story above is to remind the majority of young entrepreneurs, join the jewelry chain although the business is a good way to get rich, but this road is not so easy. The world does not fall off the pie, only the real director of the situation in order to get a return, and now too many investment traps, you must join the business to open their eyes to see clearly. The network also reminded the majority of entrepreneurs, before entering any industry, is a careful investigation, nip in the bud. To find out the risks that may exist in the industry, to investigate the credibility of the franchisee, the strength of the business will be the problem, the exclusion of the chain headquarters. If you do not have the strength of the investigation, you can consult the relevant experts, scholars or regulatory authorities, with the help of external forces to protect their legitimate rights and interests. Two is not to trust merchants, jewelry chain headquarters letter of intent, format contract. To see the terms of the contract, such as the discovery of inappropriate, controversial provisions of the contract, the objection to the opposition, the amendment of the amendment, the deletion of the deletion, to avoid the trap of the contract.

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