Entrepreneurs how to get more users to enhance product features

if an enterprise wants to develop, it is necessary to set up its own brand, which is supported by the brand, the product (or service), so to enhance the product function is the basis for enterprises to win customers. Small and beautiful products do not necessarily have the market, the platform project will not necessarily fail.

he responses to my answer, this could also be the soul of this product, "not all users will use automatic login function on mobile devices". OK, that’s all! Right, I’m just one of these users.

users in the face of a product, what do you think? What is this application? What can I do? What kind of convenience can you bring to me? What is the use of the problem or security risks? Do you pay? Can I try? How much does it take to use one year? Etc.. Do not try to let users use their brains products, your products should be simple, more in line with the user’s simple needs, users will be more frequent use of it.

of course, facing the target location without the design of a product is not the same. Between entrepreneurs and users at home and abroad respectively is a very distinctive, domestic entrepreneurs to do platform, so that more people, more and more people to use the platform, foreign entrepreneurs to make tools, make a very simple and easy to use, can only provide 1-2 function of small products. But in contrast, domestic users will be "free" royalty to the first goal, in order to be free to use to complete a series of complex tasks to obtain eligibility to use or extend the period of use, foreign users will cost behind, as long as he thinks this is a good and effective to help him, would not hesitate to take out money.

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