College students to organize their own business fun fruit electricity supplier

good team natural chemical reaction can occur, Luo Cong and Pu Ying decided to organize a business, "fun fruit business, do business rash and too much in haste! Let’s take a look at their business!


the electricity supplier team has grown to 6 people, with dozens of fruit shops in Taobao, Tmall mall. Not only that, in 2015, the company also hit a year sales of 100 thousand boxes of fruit success.

a Richard inch head, wearing a pair of black glasses young staff to explain work after a conversation with reporters, he is the company responsible for one of the Luo Cong.

2008 years, the average family was born from Fujian Luo Cong came to Honghe University to study. Unlike some of the status quo of the college students, studying at the same time, Luo Cong began looking for ways to reduce the burden of the family.

for no extra money in the Luo Cong, perhaps in the Taobao open shop is a good choice.

"did not plan too much, think of what you are selling what business is careless." Luo Cong said, there are some students in the school also opened Taobao shop, we through interactive communication, gradually familiar with each other.

to break in many Taobao electricity supplier out of tricks, courage, strength indispensable. Two based on the Mengzi rich agricultural resources, will look into the electricity business field. At this point they have been operating as a serious business shop.

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