Suzhou developers discuss how to maintain the stability of commodity housing prices

rising prices make a lot of people intend to buy a house suddenly quiet down, in the face of high prices, many people even want to live in the city, but it is powerless under economic pressure. According to Suzhou radio and television news October 12th, this afternoon, Suzhou City branch of the real estate industry association joint real price of 16 real estate companies held a public initiative, the city’s real estate prices for enterprises to strictly implement the government regulation, to assume corporate social responsibility.

suggestions are as follows: first, the strict implementation of national, province and Suzhou City real estate control policies, scientific and reasonable development of commodity housing sales price, in particular the current real estate market situation, do not take the lead, led to boost, not drive up prices, housing prices remain stable.

two, take the initiative to maintain the healthy development of the real estate market of social responsibility, fairness, legality, integrity, strengthen self-discipline, strict cost control, actively carry out none Huimin activities actively, establish a good corporate image.

three, abide by the laws and regulations, strengthen self-discipline, and actively fulfill price commitments and obligations, consciously resist the illegal behavior of original fiction, false discount, price fraud and other prices, together to create a fair and orderly real estate market environment, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

four, the full implementation of commercial housing sales price system, the implementation of a standard. Promise once all available for sale listings, and in accordance with the provisions of the format identify each housing prices, influencing factors, the price of the relevant provisions relating to housing sales process cost, be clearly marked to the sold listings, and indicate the actual transaction price.

finally worth mentioning is that how to keep in the commodity housing price stability, Suzhou developers also think it is necessary to strictly abide by the sales of commercial housing "one price" system, not outside the increase in the price of commercial housing sales, do not charge any fees not specified, do not make false or misleading, not standardized signs misleading fraudulent buyers.

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