How much does it cost to join the duo

for Western fast food to join those who do not consider KFC, McDonald’s large investment projects, there is no other medium-sized investment projects more suitable for the majority of investors? Here Xiaobian recommend to you duo western fast food brands.

duo brand can be described as the western fast food industry brand. Duo fast food to join the chain, is a feature of fast food franchise projects, joined by hamburger, fried chicken to join, join the restaurant, fast food restaurant to join the duo to open stores. Duo is based on the use of its own more than ten years of experience in fast food franchise stores in the country to join the development of regional hamburger shop, fast food to join, is one of the most profitable projects in recent years.

How much does it cost to join the


duo fast food from McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other trusted western fast food companies, the integration of the Chinese diet culture tradition. For example, our products have Roast Chicken, light Roast Chicken has several categories, Peru, baked, formerly in the Shenzhen area is a professional investment planning company, for some famous western fast food enterprises to provide management and planning support, so have considerable experience in this field. How much does it cost?

duo base fee in the first tier cities, second tier cities, three tier cities were: $102 thousand, $74 thousand and 700, $60 thousand. Details are as follows:

first tier cities (such as Shanghai): store rent: 4500 yuan / month; renovation costs: $800 / square meter; clerk wages: 3000 yuan / month / person; total: $102 thousand.

second tier cities (such as Nanning): store rent: 3600 yuan / month; renovation costs: $500 / square meter; clerk wages: 2000 yuan / month / person; total: $74 thousand and 700.

three line city (such as Jiujiang): shop rent: $2500 / month; decoration costs: 400 yuan / square meter; clerk salary: $2000 / month / person; total: 60 thousand yuan.

is more than the base of the city’s joining fee, I believe that investors have been clear, Duo Duo is a very suitable for small entrepreneurial projects, just interested friends can leave a message!

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