How to grow up from scratch

how to grow up from scratch? There are many such enterprises in China, where is the future of these enterprises? Starting from scratch, there is no solid foundation, the market will be unstable. At the same time, can resist the risk is very small.

start empty-handed enterprise growth method

1. sales of your road to success

when the bank had no cash to start, your only option is to sell. Use your social network, make phone calls, and have lunch with people. Do everything you can to make your income so that you can hire someone to start a business. Then hire people to do the same thing.

2, barter trade

in 2007, when DaveKerpen first started to cooperate with, the company wants to do a barter transaction, rather than paying them cash, because they provide services for social media, but this has not been verified. Many advisers told them not to do such a barter deal. They don’t need the money. But they decided to do their first single business with, anyway, for the flowers.

3, financing your cash flow

This is the growth of

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