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in our life to meet the Spring Festival every year, in addition to the new year’s Eve is an indispensable thing, while the Spring Festival evening party is also a must see show! The evening of January 17th, Shanxi Yuncheng City, the first Spring Festival Gala opening dance with the "golden" spring staged, kicked off. Spring Festival from June last year to the beginning of the year, through the and a wide range of new media solicitation program, and ultimately identified 13 creative, distinctive, and the audience of the program on the edge of the program, the.

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party planner Yang Fulin introduction, this session of the gala numerous programs are carey screening all the preparatory staff first half of the show idea, y demonstrated Hedong region culture elements symbol rich and colorful, so that the audience to experience a deep sense of Yuncheng culture in the rich characteristics of programs and popular performances, the laughter sound.

The performance of the

program, both singing and dancing "," Golden Spring poetry "Hedong dream", "Mom and Dad" sketch, "the earliest songs here called Chinese", "paradise", "faith", a song performed "filial piety", "plum", opera and song puju the song "drum" China, more fashion show "prosperous Spring Garden", "East Era", "dance dance", "dream song circle Chinese dream". These programs so that the audience in the fun, laughter, joy and constantly enrich themselves, enrich the cultural life of the masses of the spring festival.

this Spring Festival Gala to participate in the performance of the actors, both the national reds, as well as the national reputation of professional actors, more ordinary people. The actors at the national level, China Drama Plum Blossom Prize winner Jia Julan, pretty handsome appearance, elegant show, mellow voice, singing beauty, Jia Julan performances of opera and song puju "plum", the audience has been repeatedly applauded.

"Po" Xianghong year-end final Wei Dongbao, at the gala, and played the female Han Dan ugly actor Zhang Meifan and two super reds, bring to the audience the latest creation of comedy "my mom and dad". Jiao Xiumei won the Yuanqu occupation school teacher the first third national "Xiaqing Cup" contest, together with her three gold, read music poetry recitation "east of dream".

song song "circle Chinese dream", the Spring Festival to a climax. In an atmosphere of joy and jubilation, the vast majority of people enjoy a strong regional characteristics of the culture feast. These songs, dance, folk art, language and other major categories of programs, the content of active and healthy, and the performance of new forms, and ground gas, by the majority of the audience.

The whole

show a distinctive and climax, at the same time, give play to the characteristics of large capacity, easy to search the Internet and text closely, and audio and video players and audience interaction, has been of great concern to many users and active participation of the audience. Recommended

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