Good Chinese fast food

in the food industry and fast food is a miracle of the project, Chinese occupy in the field of Western fast food fast food, Chinese fast food is like a meteorite landing, suddenly will seize the China fast field big ninety percent market share, why is this, Xiao Bian think we see Kang delicious home for Kang delicious after the introduction of Chinese fast food will understand.

Chinese fast food

both around the tastes and preferences of consumers, breaking the traditional innovation, develop more to meet people to taste the delicacy, health: the selection of a variety of high-quality fresh bones as raw material, after low temperature treatment, and broken, in strict temperature, pressure, time, fire when under the control of adding dozens of Chinese herbal medicine Kang delicious Chinese fast food seasoning, cooking, boiled.

classic flour is selected from the grains of green raw materials, the use of scientific production process, to maximize the retention of nutrients, can be called a large collection of Chinese and foreign products. Package many kinds of Kang delicious Chinese fast food, business meals for work and life characteristics of China white-collar workers, invited experts to develop a unique nutrition nutrition in nutrition solution, under the guidance of experts, from the aspects of selection, to ensure the food, delicious taste delicious in Kang fast food at the same time, to achieve a real effective nutritional supplement mechanism.

nutrition experts through continuous research and practice, the traditional cooking methods and production process strictly based on the selection of a variety of green materials, with special technology and with all kinds of natural spices Kang delicious Chinese food, exclusive innovation and into a new detter color fast food delicacy. Water fried beef: R & D team developed by the headquarters of the secret marinade, special cooking, flavor dip taste unique, delicious, can not copy. Unique product positioning, in the category and variety development has a very strong adaptability and universality, Sung Kang delicious Chinese fast food for the Chinese characteristics of the new fast food brand.

Kang delicious Chinese fast food join advantage:

1. small investment, quick returns: suitable for small investment, ordinary family business is better. From the opening to the late operations, provide full service, the investment risk to a minimum. From the rental shop to open, 3 Kang delicious Chinese fast food can be completed in 0 days. Month investment.

2. business, make fire: project set meals, snacks, barbecue, snacks in one, the two peak of traditional food is extended to the five peak, to make up for the catering time and space of the idle and Kang delicious Chinese style fast food waste, will make full use of idle time, effective form all day 5 peak period.

3. easy to operate, good management: the technology has been completely standardized, process oriented, simple and easy to operate, even without the experience of food and beverage, people can easily grasp. The first breakthrough in food and beverage can not be opened without a chef

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