Zhangshu City Entrepreneurial Policy to do the wings of disabled entrepreneurs

thanks to the public entrepreneurship, innovation activities open, nearly two years, disabled entrepreneurs can enjoy more entrepreneurial support than ever before. People with disabilities can learn e-commerce, easy to carry out entrepreneurial activities.

power in Jiangxi province is easy Zhangshu City Gan Yang street a single foot disabled entrepreneurs. In 2010, he opened a home appliance repair in medicine road. 5 years later, he has become an annual sales of up to $about 5000000 of home appliance sales and maintenance of integrated self-employed boss.

"in the company’s operations, we get the Municipal Employment Bureau concerned, they provided me with a lot of policy advice, financial support and other services." Jiangxi Province, Zhangshu City to support the public venture, the highly innovative attitude for disabled entrepreneurs to provide thoughtful "special services", put on a pair of invisible wings for disabled entrepreneurs to fly.

promote special groups for entrepreneurship development, entrepreneurship policy and training for the disabled entrepreneurs to add a pair of wings, so that they can fly freely in the blue sky under the new venture.

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