Zhang Yong opened a successful hotel

entrepreneurial shop in the end can sell what? Especially for a foreigner, this is undoubtedly faced with a lot of difficulties, Zhang Yong had been faced with such confusion, but now it is on the road to success. Although the shop is selling wine in Xinjiang, but few people can see that Zhang Yong is Xinjiang. To Guangzhou for 3 years, from the beginning of the operation and Tian Yu, to open a shop selling wine in Xinjiang, Zhang Yong to Xinjiang people with a special passion to do business, and therefore into the life of Guangzhou.

finds market vacancy

3 years ago, Zhang Yong’s wife was transferred to work in Guangzhou, he would like to do business in Guangzhou. But what to do? By chance, a friend told him that Xinjiang has so many well-known specialties, such as raisins, wine, are the favorite of consumers in Guangzhou, if he can open the market in Guangzhou, the market must be very good.

then he went on to do a survey of Guangzhou’s shopping malls, supermarkets, the Guangzhou native wine consumption habits are more love low alcohol wine, so the market highly rare wine; in addition, the real Xinjiang grape wine and snow is rare, that is to say, Xinjiang specialty Wine, can supplement the defects Guangzhou local market.

, however, the market has a vacancy on the consumer? Zhang Yong lived in Guangzhou from where the villagers learned about the news, Guangzhou Tianhe and Dongshan District, the spending power of the strongest, in Dongshan District area wuyangxincheng, were most northerners, they are highly focused on wine consumption group.

traffic and business is not proportional to

determined to open their own specialty stores must play, Zhang Yong also regardless of the 37, while contact Xinjiang suppliers, while in the selection of Wuyang metro. Just at that time a military hall on the opposite side of the glass shop business is not good, want to surrender, Zhang Yong in the shop door "Dundian" for a few days, how much each evening the number of people passing by, that is not bad, immediately signing top.

but at the beginning, Zhang Yong thought too simple, that the flow of people on the road must be proportional to the volume of business. This special wine products, and not rely on passers-by with the purchase, by the accumulation of fixed consumer groups. A friend to do marketing to understand the situation of Zhang Yong, told him that the wine business is relying on the collective purchase, and some catering enterprises must establish a long-term relationship between supply and marketing.

so Zhang Yong went to some large restaurants, self selling goods, from the beginning not to be trusted or try to contact, then, of his goods to his trust, cooperation is satisfactory. Slowly, Zhang Yong has a fixed number of "big customer", his business, but also slowly turn big.


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