Hangzhou China’s top ten cities in 2015

in today’s entrepreneurial tide among them, the major cities around the country are active for the majority of entrepreneurs to create a good business environment, recently, in 2015 China’s ten major cities on the fresh baked.

It is reported that the list of

, primary consideration and entrepreneurial factors related to a city of many, including commercial infrastructure, local government support, talent and innovative ability and a series of indicators, the data source of credible mass and public use of big data technology in-depth analysis, consider the 16 reflect the level of the level of entrepreneurship city dimensions. After the preliminary analysis of the screening, the 30 cities stand out as the basis for the investigation of the second round of readers, and ultimately selected by the readers of the 2015 China’s top ten entrepreneurial cities".

Hangzhou as a "business city" Chinese most influential e-commerce company, Alibaba, the "Ali" entrepreneurs in the industry was already known. But in addition, there are still a number of valuation from 100 million to $1 billion in innovation and entrepreneurship "Star" has been completed, including listed NetEase, Columba group, Skye, flush, strong business development of enterprises, including rising in mogujie.com, fast taxi, digging fiscal and other start-up companies etc..

especially in Hangzhou to build talent competitiveness has spare no effort in Hangzhou this year launched a "talent, new 27" major projects for top talent and team to give the highest 100 million yuan funded projects. Zhejiang University, as a local university in Hangzhou, has also become a "Whampoa  Military Academy"". Zhejiang University of science and Technology Park in Hangzhou, the total number of enterprises into the park is more than 1 thousand and 200, the core of the team of 70% start-ups with Zhejiang University gene". Therefore, in the voting was also selected as the government’s 5 cities to support the best entrepreneurial talent market, the most competitive city of honor, the 5.


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