Many rich people come from the poor

is not everyone with a golden key to the world, coupled with the increasingly rapid pace of life, many families are experiencing from the creation to the final destruction of the inheritance process. In fact, many rich people have experienced a period of poverty!

with thick sincere personality, Wong Kwong Yu is not "black" is not the money, to maximize the profit to customers. No capital venture, even Wong Kwong Yu himself did not expect, three days down, even got a $about 1000000 order. It is xicongtianjiang. Wong Kwong Yu felt the touch of the tricks of the business, but also touched the door to wealth. The human right to be strengthened. Turn the new year to come, Wong Kwong Yu said to do it, and Beijing joint venture founded in Niujie Gome appliance firm.

A year later

and this time, he is more than the previous Hou Cheng, had set up their "service station", as long as it is to sell his goods store, you can enjoy his "China Electric Service Center" customer service service. Today, Shantou Gome corporation enterprise Wong Kwong Yu has 7 branch offices in Beijing, the annual turnover of tens of millions of dollars, but he himself is already wrapped around the waist of a million rich man.


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