Shop location can have what tricks

want to open a successful store, not only need to do a good job in the latter part of the operator, the beginning of the site is also very important. Only do a good job in the relevant site, can let the latter store business success rate is higher. However, for many entrepreneurs, the site is facing numerous difficulties, in fact, is related to the know-how to grasp. So, shop location can have what tricks?

first recruit

Market Research to make effective business analysis

shop location can have what tricks? Would like to open a good shop, a market research is inevitable. From a professional point of view, it is the analysis of the shopping district, popular for the investigation and analysis of the scope of the sale of the store, store customers to the characteristics and geographical location of the living environment. Because of the different geographical location of shops, suitable for different types of business.

so, investors in the site, we must first carefully observe the situation, such as the shopping district of the passenger flow and traffic flow is much, the number of competitors within the District, etc.. Generally speaking, larger traffic field all of the city’s commercial center, train station, bus station, bus station, commercial pedestrian street, near the university campus gate, popular tourist attractions, a large wholesale market entrance and large and medium-sized residential area etc..

Chen Yan believes that because these aspects belong to commercial focus area, heavy traffic, shop in the bustling lively area, the chances of success are often much higher than ordinary lots. However, in the selection of shops, should pay attention to the business district is not easy to be too many competitors, the best of the same kind of merchandise franchise stores do not exceed three.

second strokes

according to the main product to ensure that the address

shop location can have what tricks? The choice of business location and the main products and potential customer base interest rates, all walks of life have different characteristics and consumer objects, commercial downtown area is not the only choice. Chen Yan pointed out that the operators in the site, to have a clear understanding of the product and the target consumer group self, the enemy can win. Such as convenience stores and small salon opened in suitable residents near the area, bar and teahouse can open near the downtown area.


subway station crossroads advantage

At the corner of

crossroads, or several traffic convenience and overpass and underpass, bus station, subway station and rail station and other public transportation facilities adjacent to the flow of people, usually are relatively large. Shop location can have what tricks? Same floor, not >

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