Starting from Zhao Kuangyin’s entrepreneurial wisdom

as an emperor, Zhao Kuangyin Li Yu is bold and crafty, seckill him also be nothing difficult, but there are contemporary entrepreneurs deserve the place of study. Now let’s take a look at his entrepreneurial wisdom.

"tusigoupeng diaojingongcang," the ancient emperor for hero mostly to comply with such laws. So Liu Bangsha, Han Xin, and Zhu Yuanzhang killed the man, and then he killed him, and then he killed him with the help of the. In contrast, Zhao Kuangyin was able to power to hero of cups of wine, let them enjoy old age, is already very loyal.

so, after a successful career, the boss and the hero who cannot continue to work together, create brilliant? In theory, of course. But the reality is not feasible. As with the development of the company, then you can do the job may not be able to adapt to large grassroots partner company’s job requirements; secondly, China for thousands of years of "kiss" society makes heroes difficult to do not be arrogant.

to the hero start, always feel that they have not finished the obligation for them, and ultimately the company to develop, these old employees may not appreciate such kind boss. So if you think that along with oneself into the world of brothers, may become a negative factor in the development of the company now, as the boss should learn Zhao Kuangyin decisive start wine release for a one-time rewards, they venture or diverted funds, not only do, but not tired of feeling, can go, start a new round of the development of.

is veiled, if Zhao Kuangyin hadn’t cups of wine Bingquan, many years later, perhaps with the contradiction between the development of these things, he was recommended

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