Pharmacy ten brands list

usually have a traumatic injury, headache fever phenomenon, it is impossible to go to the hospital every time, so the pharmacy will play its own role, for more customers to bring better service. It is precisely because of the market demand, will let the pharmacy market continues to come out more brands. Next, let Xiaobian to secret pharmacy ten brands list, so that you have a more understanding of the industry’s brand.

pharmacy ten brands list: NO.1, Nepstar large chain pharmacies nationwide, the company listed on the New York stock exchange, a member of the American Association of chain drug stores, Shenzhen Nepstar chain drugstore ltd..

pharmacy ten brands list NO.2, Tongrentang: began in the Qing emperor Kangxi eight years (1669), the state trademark protection, the Chinese time-honored brand, famous high-tech enterprises, Beijing Tongrentang (Group) Co., ltd..

pharmacy ten brands list NO.3, National pharmacy: Sinopharm Holdings Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of retail enterprises, the national chain pharmacies hundred brands, the top ten chain pharmacies brand, Sinopharm Sinopharm Pharmaceutical Co., ltd..

pharmacy ten brands list NO.4, TongJunGe: in 1908, the Chinese time-honored, the first batch of provincial management of large pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises, Chongqing TongJunGe pharmacy chain limited liability company.

pharmacy ten brands list: NO.5, China DASHENLIN chain pharmacies ten, Guangdong province famous trademark, Chinese Pharmaceutical Business Association vice president of branch chain pharmacies, DASHENLIN Pharmaceutical Group Limited by Share Ltd.

pharmacy ten brands list NO.6, the common people: national protection trademark, private large pharmaceutical chain enterprises, one of the most influential pharmaceutical retail enterprises, people big pharmacy chain Limited by Share Ltd.

pharmacy ten brands list NO.7, peace pharmacy: founded in 1945, one of the oldest pharmacy enterprises, ten large pharmacy chain brand, industry famous brand, Chongqing Peace pharmacy chain limited liability company.

pharmacy ten brands list, NO.8 Hall: in 1981, the famous trademark of Yunnan Province, one of the Southwest’s largest pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises, Yunnan Hongxiang bent Tang Pharmaceutical (Group) Limited by Share Ltd.

pharmacy ten brands list, NO.9 City: national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Liaoning Province, well-known pharmaceutical chain brand, large-scale inter provincial pharmaceutical chain enterprises, Liaoning City pharmaceutical chain Co. ltd..

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