Bao Sue Zyna ten years of entrepreneurial history from bitter to sweet

female entrepreneurs is not easy, the Mongolian women entrepreneurs package Su spent ten years to start a business, embarked on a lot of people look up to the height. Now she not only set up a talent group, but also has a higher dream.

in Inner Mongolia University of finance hall, Mongolian female entrepreneur Bao Su was appointed as youth entrepreneurship mentor zina. In the field of passion and dreams, the dialogue, the package Suzyna told the students who are ignorant of Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship requires excellent physical strength and depth of thinking, it requires you to focus and hard work. It can even be said that it takes life to carry.

"entrepreneurs have an important part is to strengthen the movement. If your body is crossed, the passion will cease to exist."

now, a "bully" female president, members, members of the Boao forum for Asia and Alashan SEE ecological Association National Federation of women entrepreneurs chamber of Commerce executive director of multiple "successful" identity Bao Su Zina never forget when she was young, she that until the University was not from the prairie to the City, do not understand completely listen to the people around them do not understand Chinese, speak Mongolian girl.

alone "into the world"

"the University found that language is the biggest problem." Bao Sue Zyna said, at that time she could not speak Chinese, also do not understand others speak. "Very low self-esteem, often because the language joke. Can only work hard to learn chinese." Bao Sue Zyna, who has solved the language barrier, is not law-abiding in university. She went to the hotel as a waiter, as a tour guide, but also from Hohhot by train to distant Shenzhen. She said she wanted to see the world outside.

"at the end of 2003, I decided to come back, my wife and children are the main consideration in Inner Mongolia, one family together from many." But came back and found that many companies only give her a monthly salary of 5000 yuan, which makes the annual salary of up to 200 thousand of Bao Sue Zyna difficult to accept.

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