Tea shop around the school how to operate better

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in school, very love drink a roommate to drink the tea, the tea side of the school is very affordable, very delicious, to open tea shop entrepreneurs, school district is a hotly contested spot, because the school students intensive, are young people, love to drink milk more, so shop profitable. So, how to open a tea shop near the school? Here Xiaobian integration of some business skills to share with you to share.

first, not too close to the school, about fifty meters, can not be too far, in particular, can not cross the fork. Because it is too close, the students just out of school, but also did not expect to buy something to eat, or want to buy, too many people, the teacher is still around, teachers are not elementary education spending; and is too far away, the parents may have been picked up the home swiftly. Fifty meters, the largest number of people, the car is difficult to walk, all students sitting in the car, they will want to buy good, and parents feel anyway also go out, let the children go to buy a cup of tea to drink, or buy some snacks to eat is also very good.

second, health is the first. You can not eat things (of course, taste is also very important), but we must look at reassuring, good health in the next effort, never lose. Such as walls, I spent much money (with the price will be on the walls, list) affixed, wallpaper, looks very good third, tea production process can not let students see, or not see, must maintain a certain mystique, or over a period of time, the students will lose strong interest. In addition, the drinking machine, sealing machine, can not be placed in a conspicuous place, because the production process will inevitably have a bubble and other things that seem uncomfortable. Among them, there will be many parents will ask you about the pigment, raw materials, shelf life and other places, you must think about how to answer.

fourth, the students love the ride, so you must form a bustling scene. Primary school students, especially the kindergarten pupils, many are attracted to the other kids come in, they will buy in the process of the other kids show: "Xiaoming, I want to buy tea to drink, do not you buy?". How do you say that Xiao ming! At first I did not pay attention to this problem, each time the students come to school, I will do twenty or thirty cups, so that when school is selling fast. Later, I found the problem, I just put more like strawberries, chocolate taste every kind of do sell one or two, so this time the school from half hours to about fifty minutes, but selling than before.

fifth, elementary school students like small gifts and other things, not how much money, be sure to engage in such activities. Such as the 61 children’s day, I write a poster: those who drink more than ten cups full, have a gift a gift! Although the small gift is only a notebook, ball point pen, a small fan and other worthless little things, but some students will get these small gifts, recommend

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