Rural women how to start a business

now business has begun to become a theme of the times, at the same time, whether in the city or business in some rural areas have begun to become one thing many people are doing, so in rural women should be how to start?

status of women’s employment and Entrepreneurship

1, the main characteristics of rural self employment of women: first, the success rate of rural women’s business is relatively low, each village on average about 3 to 4 women. Two is the success of most of the women’s cultural quality is relatively high, strong sense of innovation. Three is the success of women’s ability to resist risks is relatively strong, firm faith. The four is the success of the business of women pay attention to the accumulation of ordinary, long-term vision, ready, unique thinking, a strong desire for innovation.

2, the rural migrant women’s main characteristics: one is the age structure, more than 90% of migrant workers are women between 16 and 45 years old; two is in the cultural level, the vast majority of migrant women are in junior high school; three is in the service site distribution, most women are concentrated in the work Ningbo, Fenghua and other places; the four is the type of migrant workers, more than 61% of women work in the textile, clothing, toys and electronics factory, workshop, about 13% of the women in the supermarket business, hotel services, catering services industry, about 10% of the women from the recommended

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