Shanghai launched the four major Venture Park nnovation and entrepreneurship support

employment has been the top priority of the government’s people’s livelihood, all over the country continue to introduce the warm heart entrepreneurship support policies. Shanghai as the center of China’s economic development, entrepreneurship rookie who provides more open innovation support from resources, contacts, technology and so on.

9 for the month, the fourth session of the Shanghai city business rookie contest in four in Xuhui, Putuo, Zhabei Venture Park, Pudong New Area for auditions, audition after many entrepreneurs focus on what the venture industry park advisory business have what policy, what the field incubation concessions. To this end, the relevant person in charge, the author interviewed four line business park according to the interview, the park in addition to provide rent free business office environment, provide business mentor services, and even take advantage of the platform with the enterprises to complete the following several rounds of financing and strategic deployment…… Look at what are the characteristics of the four major park?

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