On community service a year summary of the monthly income of 2000 4W members

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forum for a person to do it first, don’t say what the plan, 1, 10 day to local community vest essence, popular content all reproduced consolidation; 2, the essence of the content on your website, content maintenance, promotion, then ready to vest a whoop and a holler a post 3; the new user, you ensure at least 5 replies.

above quoted from Du Jun QQ meager

share first and share later… Don’t spend too much time on the program, or you’ll go crazy after a long time.

references above turn from ZIYQQ meager

has made a small community of his own and can live to be pure luck. Of course, this and I am interested in this area is also a certain relationship. I am studying architecture engineering major in University. I haven’t graduated yet. I work as a network planner in a medical enterprise.

my community hasn’t had a fire yet, but I’ve accumulated some experience for so long, as Tian said. Never spend time on the program. It will cost you a lot of experience. Not good to say, some sites have not changed procedures for ten years. Still running well. The program is only an auxiliary, your site has certain content, when there is a certain number of members to follow the trend of upgrading is injured in the sinews or bones. For example, Discuz7.2 upgrade to discuzX, others say no matter how you don’t go as if it were raining flowers to upgrade your own program very suitable. After the upgrade, you have to redeploy.

about the content of the website, I agree with you. But you don’t have to register. I feel you can figure out how to get your website’s source of information. This is important. Your content was searched and nowhere else. In this case, even without vests, it will naturally attract many users. I did that.

how to find good resources, it is to rely on their own, I am looking for some foreign 0day site to download the patch, and then Chinese introduced after the release, which is to ensure the validity of the original resources.

found some excellent resources, the site has set limits to download permissions, users search in, will point to download. There will be a hint at this time. New registered users have permission to download, how to get through here. If your resources are good enough. And nowhere else can I find it. It will be a point in, so in some aspects of SEO good search engine will think that your user experience is good because the user on your website for the next time, it is to tell you how to get permission to download. I am using artificial audits, you share your resources, as long as you share the spirit, the original spirit, reproduced content, you may say your opinion, a comment. In this case, the sources of information have also increased. You can also audit and retain high-quality users. Reduced server pressure.

is profitable here. My site is about half a year

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