Sharing experience four steps to quickly improve Baidu rankings

What is the most important

website? Of course, the profit flow is the basis of profit, and ranking is also very large, procedures determine traffic. Where, in a sense, do website, in fact, do rankings. How to improve the rankings? Some people think it is difficult, is really true, Baidu and GG rules is not open, we can only be surmised, the level is high, guess a little more, a little more of the. I spent half the time in the experiment I Huaian video network and Huai real online, from Baidu’s one glimpse. And achieved some practical results on two websites. I found that, in fact, can also do and do McDonald’s, standardized production. Below, I will sum up my experience as four steps, and share with you.

first, do the content and set the key words. Website establishment, must first enter some data, in order to prepare spiders to enjoy. If you don’t have any data before, and suddenly increase a lot a day, it’s easy for Baidu to think it’s cheating. A large amount of content is stored at the beginning, but there is no risk. Baidu actually not included before, already many times your web site, you did not find in Baidu, not Baidu did not visit you, but Baidu in observation and analysis. So keep your web content up during the observation period. For keywords, must be set up, to note here is that the keywords of your site and not the same name, such as my talent website "Huaian talent network video", but I set the keywords "Huaian talent network". Key words once set, do not change, otherwise have great influence on the ranking. Keywords settings, you can refer to my talents and property network.

two is a login, posting, as soon as possible to ensure the record; for what time Baidu included, so far there is no clear rules, but to be sure, let Baidu know your website as soon as possible, will increase the probability of included. This should promptly log on the major search engines, and to PR relatively high, included faster sites, such as Admin5, Baidu will think, leaving everywhere traces of the site, is a good site.

three is widely posted, as soon as possible to improve PR. After Baidu included, the next step is to increase the site’s chain. Exchanging links is an important way, and it is also the most effective method of linking. Of course。 For GG, the increase in the chain, improve the effect of PR is positive. Because of the high PR, you’ll get more opportunities to link up with good websites. Many links, Baidu is also an important factor in ranking.

four is a widely traded link to improve rankings. After a period of extensive posting, wait patiently for PR to improve, and when your PR improves, you can link up with quality (not just high PR). Some people prefer posting machines instead of exchanging links, which they think will be more. But these links are very low quality, and easy to date, exchange links are different, Baidu will often update. So be sure to find links to those that have high frequency updates.

here, by the way, a lot of people

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