The gold rush for an office worker

(content is a little long, interested friends can patiently read, you may be some inspiration, I have a word, a word has also been knocking for a long time.


I and most of the friends, is an office worker, lived a normal life, always feel that life is too monotonous, with everyone else’s idea, not the status quo. Often laugh at myself with friends, I am wearing white-collar clothes, do blue collar work, with the wages of migrant workers, live a wandering life.

thinks about getting a second job all day long, that is, doing a part-time job. 07 years, we all know that the stock market over fire is a household name, looking at their friends around in the speculation, the heart is also itching, and asked friends to CITIC opened a door, then it was free to open an account. Since then, watching the first financial channel of Shanghai has become a required course for me every day. At the sight of the analyst Niu B in blowing spit cross talk rapidly, non time is my most impulse. Go to work, thinking about the market, while the boss did not pay attention, but also secretly look at the market. The company is cracking down on business hours. Finally, in August, when no loneliness to buy ten thousand dollars for the fund, then the market is booming, buy funds because they say small fund risk is not easy to lose, until October, the market is still booming, the heart happy. In short, people still can not greedy, listening to friends around the instigation, saying what to buy funds, buy shares more exciting, money and fast. Money rushed out of the mind, took forty thousand pieces in, the heart counter-offer, calculate how much money can be earned by the new year. Since the 17th National Congress of the people’s Republic of China, the later situation has not been mentioned, as we all know, until today’s loss of sixty percent. The way down a road to thought of the flesh, but lovely ZF are super loud shouting slogans, protect the interests of investors, the stock market and so on and so on to prevent change radically, tall. In my heart, I believe that the party believes that the government will never be wrong. I did not think it was wrong to believe it at this time. This set is enough for today. Recently, the United States is not the subprime mortgage crisis caused by the global economy, I do not see the ZF will be so generous to rescue the market, you can see later results, but still stumble endlessly, dead heart, can only recognize the set. Summary, not into the stock market, I do not know how deep the water here, a word black. Beware of those who do not enter.

07 years to now, this also opened in the middle of Taobao shop, in Taobao above sell a little clothes, because go to work without time to take goods, if someone wants to order, delivery is not convenient. Some wholesalers are sourced from the Internet, must first register their membership after to get cheap goods, they are responsible for the free delivery, then impulsively go to a registration, their online clothes are hung to pick up part of Taobao, after all, the credibility is too low, almost No one shows any interest in. Later found the same clothes are cheaper than I get from the site of the price, it found fooled, just in vain to help others out. It is gehangrugeshan, have great knowledge of Taobao, not our time is not too much work.

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