My local classification network is small

has built this website for a long time. What time did you forget?. Look, 51 is from the beginning of October 7, 2007 statistics, to share their own experience in local stations, and basically do not write things, friends make a mess of it.

, a graduate student, is looking for a job. So the website has been in the "half-dead" state, the program is to buy commercial version of the program, support and problem ask others technology, a small problem that almost baidu.

himself doesn’t have any experience. He just wants to say what he wants to say,

first of all, local information stations, the simpler the site, the more intuitive the better.

one. Site domain name, website name and website SEO

Because the local

site. The best, let them remember the address, convenient again, meters should be simple, easy to remember, publicity will be easier, must use the COM? I still agree, I am com and CN are registered, but the online article said several meters to tie effects included. What about COM now? The meaning can be understood as "send Harbin" meaning, we can think for ourselves. I now connect the name of friendship is 18hrb Harbin life information network. I believe that ordinary people can remember.

two. Target

no matter what you do, you will have a goal, hungry to eat is the goal, sleepy sleep is the goal, the site completed, what to do is also the goal,


website which users can correspond to your website? Think of yourself and give yourself a goal, my website is mainly a public information platform, although the amount of information is very few, but at least I is this idea. ))

three. Program

I use the

program is the official marine development, I is the direct use of SQL ACC because they don’t want to change again later, step on the line, but also a lot of RMB, relatively one of my students over a thousand or more money. But I am also satisfied with my investment, at least the service is good.

four. IDC

space choice is also very important, in order to be afraid that people say I AD more, I will not address. Anyway, my space is three lines, is very stable, and relatively fast.

five. Source of information

must have new content every day, and the average amount of information is about 20 a day right now. Others have to add their own update site, the important thing is to choose popular information, such as real estate recruitment are relatively hot, now other times. Make friends, I feel in the classification information embodied is not obvious, basically no one sends information, I update nobody see. And forget that information must be effective, outdated information is not Tim, Tim can also make people disappointed.<>

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