Ten degree interaction copyright issues in website construction

Received fax notice to a customer come forward

a few days ago, asked to amend the site in the "founder of fine Qian simplified" font, which relates to all sites in the pictures and videos of all the fonts are required to delete. I immediately call the customer: Congratulations! Your company’s reputation has fully met the requirements of the national well-known brand! The next step is the 500 strong, ha ha, because the founder has only sought the top 500 and the national well-known brands. Then you have to change the font in the website into boldface, and then deal with the client after negotiating with the party. Even so, the customer still has a lingering fear: the black body should not infringement right?. Founder has really intimidated many companies.

in Guangzhou last fall, for a certain brand of air conditioning website construction project, also encountered the same problem, the first is the founder of fax it to the customer, the customer and fax to us, said part of the picture in the website using the "founder variety simplified", only the last night. Today, the search for the founder and Procter & Gamble’s font lawsuit news, impressively found that the enterprise has been forced to pay founder "one font, ten thousand yuan a year" copyright fees. Moreover, the founder will extend his hand to more enterprises! The font is also a big industry. How big is the industry,


founder font development minister Huang Xuejun said: "including SONY, Samsung and other well-known enterprises have purchased Matsushita founder fonts, the legitimate use in products and advertising," even greater than the enterprise to buy Procter & Gamble founder font." Last year alone, more than 100 companies bought special fonts from founder. Moreover, there are more than 2000 newspapers in the country, as well as many magazines and publishing houses, which have the purchase agreement with the founder. Procter & Gamble and lawsuit because they are "for Procter & Gamble has been sent a letter and communication are ignored, and said" we are forced to sue." He’s really a hooligan. He can’t stand the martial arts.

our Guangzhou ten degree interaction and customer signed website construction contract, which generally have such intellectual property protection clause:

"1", after the formal acceptance of the project, Party A has all the copyright of the website, Party B shall provide the source code to Party A so that Party A can complete the simple modification;

2, if the third party accuses Party B of infringement of knowledge related to the site page due to the reason of Party B, Party B shall be responsible for the infringement of the rights of Party A and shall ensure that the rights of Party A shall not be subject to any losses; and

3, during the period of cooperation, the words and pictures provided by Party B to Party A shall not be disclosed to any third party without any permission of Party A;

4, Party B shall not bear any legal responsibility for all the legal issues involved in the written and picture information provided by Party A, including intellectual property rights."

picture series products of the enterprise is to provide our customers, so we just as Party B needs to change the font text in the image on the line, but the trouble is not only the customer, all the products to be changed, but also including the subsequent print media >

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