Webmasters don’t be deceived by other people’s so called truth

this is written in the last words, put the beginning, did not write the title at the beginning, after finishing, found it is difficult to set a suitable topic. You see, the content is good, but I am not the title party. Ha ha,

gave up the last station for a long time, so I haven’t visited the webmaster class for a long time. There is only one public blog. Now I can keep myself. I don’t need to pay extra. Recently, I have nothing to do. I like to go for a walk. I see some things and some people, so I don’t write them carefully. Generally speaking, there are many hobbies and practices, but there are only a few of them. Follow the trend seriously, you imitate them, very difficult. In my opinion, if you want to succeed another place where others have been successful, without their eyes and opportunities, you can only have more powerful capital.

pulled away, I said the following morning, when a good idea all afternoon, wake up what all forget. Ha ha ~ sorry.

first, if feel much, please leave me de bie. Thank you。

about soft text

soft text is not wrong, you will write written, you can bring traffic, bring benefits. Just now soft Wen too much, see more will conflict. I found a very interesting thing, see the station on a lot of text and comments, as long as the link, with the name was called soft, I’m not much nonsense, no investigation, no right to speak, please not those discreet friends, familiar in the case of scold not later.

speaking of comments, I’ll say more about it.

update the article every day, you are pulling down look, comments in addition to connection is the connection, what is the use? Tell the spider your address? Or tell users? Users, owners of such sites are webmaster, can bring you much traffic? One day 30IP die. Tell the spider, Baidu know on the line, back to the two or three Baidu know OK.

in what 51, outdated, Admin5 BBS signature left a connection is also good. To exchange a connection is also very good. What’s wrong with psoriasis on the Internet? (please forgive me if you don’t use your word, but personally I think it’s Internet psoriasis, looking upset)


about experience

a lot of people, not to impersonate Laoniao, the accident when necessary, in his own website and found a confession of special things to put yourself in the experience of the so-called experts stated this position, for example, a person to do a website and update, Baidu included a few days later, from Baidu to flow. "Then, change the template, such as change the title, and the result of Baidu to drop the right, think it is a problem, and then in an expert manner," Tao said. In fact, perhaps the page keyword density is too large, at first Baidu certainly regardless of your.

don’t take it by chance. It not only misleads others, but also gets me

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