The official website protection has come into effect Are you using it correctly

According to the official website

fake website posing as disrupting the normal search results, to search user troubling phenomenon at the beginning of November 2016, Baidu search online "website protection project", the project since the launch of the heat, causing the site to try.

Brief introduction of

website protection project site will submit the clear words and their corresponding addressing demand website links to Baidu, Baidu through the audit, in the search results page show the position for preferential treatment, report after the commencement of site can report other posing as the official website of the website, Baidu will be verified to make a deal with pseudo official website.

said that practice is the sole criterion for testing truth, such as whether the official propaganda website protection tool that can make really website priority show effect? We look at the first "to eat crab" case:

to the site "Guzhen forum" as an example, the site before using the website protection tool, the search results have been a similar domain name of the posing, let users search hard to find really want to visit the "Guzhen forum".


, the site used the official website protection tool for the first time, submitted the brand keyword "Guzhen forum" and submitted the correct official website of URL


in Baidu Adsense platform audit through effective, in the search results by the real website ranking preferential treatment, search users can also find the real "Guzhen forum" official website.


in addition, according to the actual use of user feedback, the platform also summed up a few experience, so that the site to avoid unnecessary trouble:

1, the official website protection and blue website mark is the same thing,


is Baidu’s two different products. Such as the use of official website protection tools of the site is good enough, Baidu webmaster platform will data priority recommended to the official website mark product.

2, what kind of site can use the official website protection tool?

in accordance with national laws, there is a record site can use the official website protection tools.

3, can the request word be submitted repeatedly?

if three demand words do not pass, the webmaster has the opportunity to re submit; as long as through a demand word, it can not be modified again, so please fill in carefully.

What is the requirement specification for

4 and


because the product is to meet the user’s correct addressing requirements, so precise words required, broad words and trade words will not pass..

attached to Baidu’s official website protection tool application address:>

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