Within one month it soared from 100P days to 30 thousand P days

, this is an absolutely true case,

I found bright spot in the failed project

in July 2007, I worked in Beijing, when I could not stand the boring job content and decided to quit my job. So in the spare time to engage in a web site, intelligence, C2C type. Engage in more than a month after work to find the night before that time is not enough, so at the end of August formally resigned and returned to Wuhan.

work for a few months, a start later less with vigour and vitality, hot air, up to now, the basic is failed. As for the reasons and the process, not to say more, mainly positioning errors, execution is not enough.


had a very failure of the matter, but also gain a lot, one of the biggest harvest is the discovery of a very good network promotion method:


found two, and news promotion process

said network promotion method, we may sniff at, what year, who do not know that there are a lot of people used to say the general effect.

actually, I was just trying to use it, and it turned out to be really impressive.

my site is built in 2007 7, beginning in mid August to do promotion, in more than half of the time, I used a group of |, paid advertising, soft Wen, speculation, SEO, bookmarks, blog and so on I know all the promotion methods, like most people, the very people depressed, visits barely able to maintain at 100IP/ day level, but as long as the stop promotion, traffic falls quickly.

December 2007, after repeated study and practice, I suddenly found that the network promotion method fast, bring the flow is relatively stable, so I decided to specialize in this kind of method.

January 5, 2008, the new promotion strategy formally implemented, but the first few days is still not smooth, after further experience and improvement methods, in January 10th began to have a very significant effect, is the process you can see in the chart, especially from February 1st to February 6th, it can be used to describe the thrilling, because traffic soared directly in the virtual space I hired exceed the standard in advance.

a few days around February 6th, the reason why the flow of change so much, because before this, I have targeted two topics: Spring Festival and Spring Festival greetings. These two keywords in the past few days, the huge amount of retrieval is the direct cause of my website traffic skyrocketing, but for this reason, not to mention, the new method is still very good results.

, and what I like most about this method is that it saves time and effort. It takes only half a day to do it.

because, on the one hand, I’ve given up the project, and on the other hand, to test the stability of the method, >

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