Success factors and Strategies of stock websites

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China Commission released the latest data show that the number of investors in China has reached, the size of the group means a huge market space and profit for the website, the website is through the development of the stock for a long time, the number of more like ox hair. But the stock website for careful analysis we will find, the quality is uneven, and the motivation of each site is different, some are "fraud" in nature, for retail membership fee fraud site, they will choose to advertise on Baidu for the purchase of the chain, ranking optimization methods in order to obtain more traffic, and "fishing" to more fish, while others are in addition to the securities company’s website, is run by a large number of individual stationmaster shares the theme of the site, which belongs to the content of formal, expect to receive money through the content and types of flow and promotion, this is the most suitable for the personal webmaster and does not violate the relevant laws and regulations of the "red line" type of site. Faced with the fierce competition in the stock theme website, how to quickly stand out from the test of the webmaster’s operational wisdom and skills, the webmaster can refer to and learn from the following factors to help success and operation strategy:

one, website theme is bright, formal and generous, establish professional image,

shares currently subject areas related site quality uneven, the motivation is different, this leads to the confusion of different interface related website fraud site, not to mention some of the pure acquisition quality of website content is flattered, this kind of site visitors to the user experience behind them at all do not take into account and build a qualified user experience. Therefore, the new stock site, in order to quickly obtain the visitor’s recognition, need to start at the site of the theme and style, first through a clear theme of the site so that visitors can find the first glance let their interested content, and clear navigation allows visitors to quickly understand the classification settings of the site, enhance the visitor to the website love and stickiness. In addition, for the website design and related theme style template, image characteristic image and the template design, content organization, classification function and establish a professional image, so that the first visit to the user can quickly enhance the impression of the site and a sense of trust.

two, using high-quality, rich content resources to benefit users

is for the website visitors can judge the early core to their own benefit, allowing users to benefit, especially to rely on search engines to find their own information for users to find and open a new web site is to find their own needs first need the information, only to find relevant information in time further consideration of whether to stay at this site, as its repeat. Therefore, the key to the new site quickly get users love and trust is the content of the website resources, owners need to strictly adhere to the principle of content, rather, would rather not release for not put all sorts of things together bring reference value to the user, nor for this type of content > drop

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