Talk about the future of industry websites

network tide, and a number of owners have to dream, to a happy life, in order to survive, for a better tomorrow. They sleep for only a few hours each day, and they struggle in the misty night.

, I’m a new webmaster, don’t do not know personal Adsense hard and sad. More than 2 months of webmaster life, let me feel a lot.

I’m on an industry website and I don’t have any say about other types of websites. I just want to talk about some ideas about the industry website.

website, say plainly, is to make money, more money, of course, can achieve many dreams. But the individual webmaster who is involved with the network is still hovering and making money outside of the threshold, why we did not make money?

first: eager to win instant success. I have a serious problem. The idea of doing a lot before the station, some ideas that others do not think and do, once you get up, it is not natural to make money. But when we really do it, we know how far the gap between reality and ideals is. There are always a lot of problems we couldn’t have foreseen. What I did was the original idea of, the Tianjin furniture network, that attracted the manufacturers with low advertising prices and good service. I thought that many of my promotion methods were effective, but the customers didn’t buy it. And several colleagues webmaster chatted, is not the Tianjin region customer network marketing consciousness is not strong, the result is answered: "the whole country is the same.". I was lucky to see that it was not a geographical problem. What’s the problem? I think many webmasters should have the same doubts. My reflection is: think there is a return on pay, my website for you to pay the service, manufacturers will change the point of blood, to the point of advertising fees. But from another angle, when the manufacturer paid the advertising fee, he didn’t see the real benefit. I think you guys should know how to do it. What I want to do is free, to serve for a period of time, even if very hard, even if the temporary no income, even if in the end is nothing to pay. But I believe you will have a harvest, let customers see the real benefits, and then think of their own cake. Although there is no worry about the world before, but there is always the first bitter sweet preparation.

second: the difference between wanting and doing. The topic seems to be about old growth. But what I want to talk about is that ideas have to be there. They have ideas before they can guide their actions. Use the most mundane thoughts of life to do things. The so-called ordinary heart. Because the great from the ordinary, many customers are ordinary ideas, their purpose is very simple, very real, that is, to earn money, improve their sales, and visibility, and so on. Our idea is to work around the simplest things. Ideas need to be demonstrated. If more ideas are not good things, they will be very confused, which feels good, and is not conducive to the implementation. Select a few simple, effective tests that are easiest to consider. If the effect is not good, even if the adjustment of ideas, I think the webmaster’s idea should be the most lack of >!

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