Self anatomy of the advantages and disadvantages of real estate websites


website has been more than two months, after we team unremittingly, and now finally in the first row of Baidu search keywords, several other related keywords to row on the first page, the website can reach hundreds of daily traffic. In addition, the forum also has a lot of more loyal friends, every day in the post, these small achievements support, we work non-stop every day also have momentum.

sums up the experience of the past two months, and feels like it is now. Some methods are useful, but there are other ways that, if used, it may work better.

accurate positioning. Do before the station, we several people through the network and friends, specifically to understand the property market in Ji’nan. It can be said that in Ji’nan we had several professional real estate website, but after a little we analysis their website, found that most of the content is similar, the others have, but not what the highlights and features. Among them, the second-hand housing channel is their general weakness. So, although we do stand when the new house, second-hand housing have done a separate channel, but the focus is on the secondary housing resources. Facts have also proved that many users using our website are looking for second-hand housing and rental.

good domain name. When we settled the domain name and name, we team argued for a few days. Some people think that since it is a professional real estate website, it is called Ji’nan real estate network, the choice of the domain name also with house, but I feel that although we and Zhang is currently in the real estate, but to continue to leave room for development, and the name has been called in the site, so they persuaded finally, with the Ji’nan online name, domain name, choose, simple atmosphere, I still very proud. As for real estate, you can adopt the two level way, the new house used, second-hand housing, my idea is to build a comprehensive site, although the time is still long.

content advantage. As mentioned earlier, we have felt that second-hand housing is our breakthrough. So, in order to highlight the contents of our advantages, we in team Wang and Xiao Pang are special every day to run the houses, the streets just from door to door, after a month, a lot of new houses are we get first-hand. In addition, our photos have been carefully considered angles, lights and other issues, to ensure that better than other sites.

leveraging momentum. In August, I am a very friend company to undertake a medium-sized outdoor activities, there are performances every night for a month, after understanding that their advertising price is reasonable, the key is to buy advertising also presented a theme of the night night. For a friend, he said I can send two late, so I did a second-hand housing Ji’nan online channel night, a new night, every audience has nearly a thousand people, in addition, when several local media reported this event I >

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