Share four popular ways to enhance the popularity of the Forum

do local forum is a forum for the popular, popular forum members will see much more than the number, of course to the exclusion of his waistcoat, IP on thousands of forum members in about 2000, this is my personal do several forums out of data, only for reference oh. Since the forum to popularity, to members. Then, how should we make tourists become members of our website? What kind of methods or channels will be used to make tourists a part of forum members? There are several ways: 1. Forum activities. Two forum resources. Three posts content. Four line activities.

forum popularity Enhancement Act 1: forum activities

, a forum that doesn’t hold an event for years, can’t survive, no matter how hard your background is and how high your technology is. In short, there is no attraction for events, 90% of visitors are tourists, not members of the site. This is a psychological cause of human beings. Because the forums are not willing to give even a good, others may not be your membership! Once I saw a new line of the two day of the forum membership registration rate reached more than 1 thousand, which also shows the power is so great, so, even every month to engage in an activity is also a must. Because there is no activity, visitors on the lack of a registered strength, no registration is attracting tourists, is a passer-by. Like the A5 forum, a mood every day activities, this allows members to write their own feelings of the day, and can improve the forum activity. Why don’t you do that,


forum popularity enhancement law two: Forum resources sufficient

, an old webmaster who has been a forum for five years, told me, "if you don’t have enough resources, then I advise you not to open a forum.". I do not believe in the beginning, so I have to prove to him that he opened a forum, as he said, the beginning is still good, but slowly, the members found that we see are some outdated posts, there is no point in fresh things can browse, and then from one thousand IP has dropped to 200, I began to know the reason, through a visit, ask why the members to forum shopping time is less and less, the results of 80% members are given an answer, the visit is too boring, we see some things are seen, not fresh a waste of time. Finally, I understand, the adequacy of resources occupies the forum activity is so high status, so, in the author’s experience, I suggest you webmaster do BBS, first of all to ensure that there are enough resources to use.

forum popularity improvement law three: post content

do articles, stand, write well enough, enough to pick people’s hearts. Do the forum, the post is attractive enough, the content is substantial enough. The title of the party everyone, if you want to be a good forum, so administrators do not send any a title only not the post, a detail sufficient to combat the popularity of the forum in the abyss. When the administrator himself sends out the title of the party, the members see <

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