Webmaster should pay attention to four small details improve BBS user experience

went into a webmaster forum where he didn’t go very often today. The first feeling was good, but there was a fatal mistake, the user experience was bad. The main manifestation is daily attendance. Let’s look at the picture above and see what’s wrong with their sign,

one into the BBS is a sign in, but I have to do so, who knows just prompted to sign up, there is the following floating window:


, regardless of whether I click the point, I sign in, or the close button, I end up with the following:


and I go on a plate, will appear in the first picture, as a follower, you where it appears where. If you were a user, would you stay in this forum for a long time,


I’m analyzing it from a user’s point of view. I think it can represent most of the user’s feelings, whether it’s true or not.

first of all, the forums have a daily attendance. Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to force daily attendance at.

1, losing the actual forum data. If you take advantage of it, sign in is also a good data that reflects your forum popularity and user loyalty. But you set mandatory registration, the data will not be true. It can not reflect the development of the forum well.

2 loses a good first impression. Users don’t spend a lot of time on an unfamiliar website, and many forums attract users with first impressions. Then the contents of the forum is the key to attract people, but when I saw not, but let you sign, in addition to entertainment forum, so there is no one in attendance on time spent in a leisurely and carefree mood. This will drain some potential loyal users.

second, the technical aspects of the site can not be a problem.

every day I have to go to the website is A5 and seowhy. But there was a little trouble this morning. I don’t know what the reason is, but the reason for my computer.

1, the morning opened the sewhy forum, the forum’s head "the latest reply" SEO "consultation" and other aggregate content are not, the head will not show when watching this post, did not respond to the edit box, click "reply" display error. I think things revised, people are not used to such settings. But thankfully it was a little while ago. 2,

2, and then open the A5 forum, have not opened for a minute, and then there is a line of English prompt, meaning the link is invalid. I entered the URL directly in the address bar and haven’t opened it for a long time. Then I closed it directly. I found it again in the afternoon. Once the forum arises, such problems are very much disliked by users.

third, "editing" is not a supplement". Read on the forums >

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