Where is the profitable road for individual webmaster who understands technology

Internet has ten years of development, understand the technology of individual owners believe that There are plenty of people who do good but this one, the individual owners believe not? Today I will talk about how to realize the technology content of the original owners.

I believe we all know, as a technical staff of a website, not for some software use, is very proficient in some technologies, so I think this may be a breakthrough in technology: the stand of the.

but I said the technical station, unlike most of the technical site now, I said to the professional technical station is very strong, is designed for a software or a technology, but also very practical, practicality as the premise of the writing, for example. If you are doing PHP, you can take the PHP development of a project to write original articles, (basic things I want to do not have, because too many sites have these, but few practical) this is equivalent to you is to target users do free training, and practical technology that is always technical friends look forward to most, if you are a master of technology, you only need to develop their own project clear words, let site visitors can read, understand, and To apply to actual combat, then this visitor is your fixed users, and so when there is a fixed number of visitors, you are also worried about the flow of the site?


may flow, but webmaster friends are more concerned about the profit bar, huh, huh, I just now have a simple idea, first take out, let us refer to:

site since there is traffic, if converted into real money? Rely on advertising alliance is one thing, but I don’t want to talk about this, in cooperation with companies or with related technical training people to work together is a good way. Now more and more Internet companies need a group of real people who understand technology to do related work, they now are generally obtained by way of online recruitment talent, so if your site has fixed most of the users, which are the natural master technology, you can be a good relationship with the customers, targeted to provide them some recruitment information, some junior technical staff must be very like this. If you follow the network company a good relationship, your personal website is equivalent to a set of technology and talent as one of the website, you can collect relevant hiring expenses from enterprises, can also collect some related fees from users. When the enterprise advertising must be inevitable, it depends on how you do it.

said the technical training, if you really proficient in a technology, can also have a line under the training room and the like, as long as you have real ability, you don’t have to go to the money, the money will automatically come to you, that is a lot of training expenses? And you have free time.


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