Non T industry students Road station 5 months PR from 0 to 4

I am a medical professional, most of the site construction is a smattering of knowledge. A website built in 5 months, PR from 0 to 4, here to talk about their own experience.

used expertise to build a web site in your spare time, half a year ago. There was only one feeling: good domain name has not, if there is the establishment of the plan, the best registered some spare (later registered a lot, now I feel the majority is very poor, to remind everyone to think twice to register the domain name). However, after registering the domain name, there is a plan to build the site. (I think that for those who do not have a lot of money to advertise, it is also a way to make the site famous as soon as possible. So they began to build, but the level is too bad, do almost is a link with the word.

such a website, I have done a few days to promote, specifically in Baidu Post Bar posting (later site was down right, the worst time, Baidu only included a home page, may be related to this. Now it’s getting better) and the other is to promote the students through QQ group and other ways.

after a few days, I think such a site is too ugly, in the QQ group inside find professional site, and later spent some money, the station was built up, and then after revision, become now this way.

about 50 days on the site, the site PR rose to 1, at this time my goal is the next PR update to 3, I intend to use two ways: 1, increase content; 2, add links. "Maybe my idea is a bit presumptuous," a netizen said after listening to the idea. "Don’t think too simple. It’ll be nice to be 2."".

in the twinkling of an eye, 3 months have passed, and that a few days I often check whether the PR value changed. Finally on the last day of 2008, I found the website PR value increased from 1 to 4, was really very excited, because I never expected this, 3 is my goal, but rose to 4 really is the last gift to me in 2008.

although this may not be anything, but for a non IT industry people, I really satisfied. Here, I think the following is my experience (barely experience),:1, add content, often updated; 2, add links, the best content related web links.

finally, I wish you all a great development on the website in 2009, and a great deal of income!


welcome to our station (Medical Library, many guidance, thank you very much!


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