WeChat dividend late new media operators enterprise how to build 10W

Author: Mira, grace new media official car. From 0 to 1, the formation of the team, to build new media channels Diandian car (WeChat, today’s headlines, a little information), the vertical enterprise service number Diandian car owner of the WeChat fans more than 100W, the new list of Zhejiang automobile 1-3, the best eleventh cars in December 2014, starting from the media subscription number 15. In March, settled in today’s headlines a little information, today’s headlines original content average 2-3 million the amount of reading, a little information best day single article break the 30W (maximum near 60W).


(our team runs half a year from the media account, 88 original)

met two friends last night and asked me how the social products played on WeChat’s public account. Sister paper told me that their app users already have 4000W, but WeChat fans less than 400, wrote the original, is not ideal, ask me how to play well.

this is not the case, I from September intermittently over two articles on new media operation case, consult me to know a lot of problems with the new media operators, traditional industries change the boss and company head of operations.

later received for a friend WeChat, said online to see my article, want to communicate with me under the WeChat public operations, there is no good operating team recommended, others in Japan, said Chinese market beyond the imagination of the fire, to help customers in Japan to some good store promotion to Chinese, let visitors go to Japan directly to experience.

the question that all people ask is nothing more than these

1., has WeChat entered the end of the bonus? Where’s the next new media portal, ~

?What are the features of

2. major new media channels? How do they operate in a targeted manner?

How does

3. 10W+ content be built?

operation car of new media art from more than a year, our team in the new media which has many end over the fire pit, hurricane. Address book friends also grew from less than 2 thousand to 3 thousand small friends, I feel it is necessary to share this experience for more than a year, at least can act as a few words of life mentor….

first talk about industry trends, WeChat still have to play? – YES

first to share some of the latest in December new media account data (derived from the new standings index, 800+ group and offline activities):


microphone Mongolia article "Bitch: what do I want to help you?!" the 3 day forward about 3500000, won the controversial

20W powder

domestic vertical media large "traffic 91.8" in 2015, WeChat advertising revenue has reached 1083w, "a" fans break 1000W, is about to open female large.

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