My research on the rise of King Wang and his Admin5

I am webmaster, I have been concerned about this graph king told me about the experience of the webmaster, N years ago, he told me by Asian friends, SMS alliance live, N years after he and his station has become famous, and I’m still inside the corner of tears.

actually, in 2003, I knew the picture of Wang, who was very happy at that time. Every day, I used beautiful pictures to cheat a lot of SMS and union commissions. Graph king is one of them, and it is a relatively good, the 88GG like his eight party library station flow is very large, and I had a beautiful station at that time the ALEXA ranking is thousands, unfortunately he stood like a friend to help the domain name registration, a large quantity of flow the domain name will not.

July 2004 August, due to speculation Chinese and takes the blog, personal webmaster winter, big company SMS alliance no, but I heard that graph king or engage in well, he made himself a boss, SMS alliance, and I was already completely confused, don’t know what to do what, in addition to the Alliance I don’t know how to make money, no SMS alliance, I have to go and do the GG League. Figure Wang and I and other ordinary webmaster difference is probably here, he has the talent to do BOSS, and we just work material.

June 26, 2006, Wang led a group of young figure gathered in the five provinces of Xuzhou, the establishment of the station network, and less than 3 years has been successful beyond the well-known outdated forum, has become the second largest webmaster portal website. What made the king’s success,


1 loyal friends, friends more than a good walk, although the graph king do not understand technology, but that did not stop his success

2 focused on upholding the spirit of the end of 2006, stationmaster net sealing of Baidu, this is big news for personal website, then figure Wang mood is decidedly worse, this article will know, article/1/108990.html, but the graph king did not give up, but to continue insist, such people are not successful who can succeed?

3 has a leading share of the spirit, the achievements of the ADMIN5 today, some website said he is the webmaster website, but refused to provide any promotional opportunities for the owners, and the webmaster network allows individual stationmaster hair soft, so personal webmaster promoting its own website, webmaster network access to the original content and information content a lot, perhaps save the cost of editing. Because of this sharing spirit, stationmaster net obtained today’s success, individual stationmaster and stationmaster net realized win-win situation.

4 provides a unique service, product owners trading platform, Wang Wang first opened up this market,

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