Alternative Google Adsense application ideas

online has had a great deal of quick applications for Google adsense. However, many people are not tested quickly by K, that is, can not apply.

if you are discouraged from applying for the Google Adsense, take a look at this article. I’m sure you’ll get something.

, first of all, what kind of website does Google like?. The first thing to do is a long time, that is, if you are the domain name you have just applied for, don’t expect to apply for Google adsense. Second, you have to have more rights to your website, that is to say, your website is not one of those thousands of similar websites. It is better to have originality. Of course, pornography, reactionary, violence is even worse (for example, temptation station). Once again, copyright issues can not be involved, such as cracking websites, music websites, movie websites and so on. Finally, and most importantly, you already have the record certificate.

In view of the

network for rectification, suggest that you choose a reputable IDC, such as network like, if you feel that your can choose their general agent, 2~3% of the price can take.

well, well, we must first solve the problem of site registration time, here we can pay attention to every day to be kicked out of the domain name, if it is not right down, also better to remember the words, can be registered. These domain names have been registered for more than 1 years. Of course, you can also buy other people’s domain names, such as last year’s CN domain name 1 yuan storm, many people speculate to buy a lot of domain names, as far as I know, the selling price is generally around 10 yuan. Of course, you can also be a little offbeat, such as "campus star" this website is registered in August last year, but has been registered is not the station, then the Chinese new year this year, before and after the site was on the line, so that the domain name registration is also about half a year, so Adsense soon passed.

on the weight problem, and now more popular is to do local portal station, you can use some CMS procedures erected, it is convenient. Forum can also do, but should pay attention to the record, the name should not bring "forum" two words, or need special approval, otherwise it will pass.

copyright issues, it is difficult to deal with, if it is a video site, try not to put all kinds of movies, especially the latest, you can put some funny video, or beautiful video. The music station can be either a cover or a climax version of the song. EBook sites try not to choose books that have already been published.

in short, apply for GG ads, try to use regular stations, and do not cheat, or easily be K, you can try to put advertising in a more prominent position.

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